Vote to Play Coming Soon Exclusively for PS Plus Members

Sony is bringing a new “Vote to Play” feature to PlayStation Plus that enables subscribers to vote which games each month’s free title lineup, the company announced.

The game with the most votes will automatically be included in the future free games lineup for PlayStation Plus. Runner-up titles will be released at a discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

More details are coming “soon,” including when voting will begin, what titles will be up for voting, and how you can cast your vote

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FallenAngel19842865d ago

This is a great way for fans to not be disappointed in any further PS+ free game lineups. And I love how the runner up games will be offered as discounts. Everybody wins

Becuzisaid2865d ago

I appreciate your optimism, but unfortunately this will not stop people from complaining.

TFJWM2865d ago

Yes it will prob make it worse, they will say that either the games that didn't win the vote are better then the other games given or that people are stupid and the game that they voted for and lost is so much better and should be there.

OT: I like it hopefully it works out well for the gamers and the developers.

2865d ago

For me it only matters if they start to trown in some full releases there... If they do, even if other game win more votes, I'll be happy with a good discount. Plus if they keep it running with "Indies" onlu (games worth no more than 15 bucks), well, nothing really changes, as they already are always offering deals on indie games... Which doesn't make sense anyway, 15% off some 10 bucks game is peanuts, who's not buying a game over 1 dollar and 50 cents? Now 15% off a 60 bucks game (almost 10 bucks), that's an actual deal that brings value to PS+.

Kalebninja2865d ago

no they still choose the games we just choose which of what they give us we think is the most interesting.

IamTylerDurden12865d ago

Right, but at least we have a say and have the ability to to affect the outcome. It gives us a wider pool of potential games allowing us to pick potentially better games.

It isn't perfect but it is a hell of a lot better than having no say at all.

DOMination-2865d ago

Yeah we need to be able to vote on the games we get to vote on.

joab7772865d ago

Ppl will complain about the choices we have.

wellard2865d ago

Im shocked at the amount of people here complaining about people who, haven't yet although might just maybe, complain about the games.

You guys are calling a current non existent group of people stupid and a**h***s (taken from comments right here, not my words)

Some of you are even making role play comments to show how terrible this currently non existent group of people are. eg:

"People will still find something to b*tch about. Lol
I can see it now, "ohhh, all the choices SONY has us choosing from suck, PS Plus games always gave us sh*t, NOW THEY'RE MAKING US CHOOSE WHAT SH*T we want, talk about picking your poison -_-!!" "

I mean look at that, he had the pretend conversation in his head and everyone's giving him high fives. You do realize that to date, the only people to complain in any way about this new voting system is you guys, the ones bullying and belittling a currently non existent group of people. Seriously, its all make believe at this point and your trolling them.

Think about it.

Ripsta7th2865d ago

Ponys always play the victim

Muzikguy2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

While what you are saying is true, so is what these other people are saying. People will still complain. There's no doubt about it. It's called foresight, looking into the future, or whatever else you want to call it. Sony has done this too, believe me, otherwise this whole option wouldn't even be coming out

admiralvic2864d ago

@ Muzikguy

"People will still complain."

You have millions of people/different perspectives and there will always be at least one complainer. Like we could get Arkham Knight and someone would complain the DLC isn't included, but we aren't talking about a group that makes up <1% of the community. We're talking about how a lot of peoples first reaction is that some people won't like this and those people are wrong.

Muzikguy2864d ago

Sorry but I disagree. First reaction that people will complain is true. You may think it's just a small percent but I disagree there too. Many many people have and do complain about anything and everything anymore. That small percent has gotten bigger over the years. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the games with Plus. It's just the nature of people nowadays.... They complain. Maybe it's just a USA thing, but I see it all the time

wellard2863d ago

@muzicguy it really isn't true, these pretend complainers don't exist yet therefore by any definition of the word it isn't true. Foresight isn't truth, in actual fact it's just another form of wishful thinking.

We have swathes of people here complaining, belittling and trolling a fictional group of people. They are only doing this for rep, likes and bubbles.

It really is quite pathetic and I think it's safe to say it can be used a marker to identify the group of people here in n4g who persistantly troll and bully other users because they won't blindly follow the corporation of choice.

Silly, childish and pathetic.

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showtimefolks2865d ago

I am sure most of us are l ready happy with offerings of Xbox live and psn plus, it's the vocal minority who can't be pleased. so this won't please them either, they are just gonna hater free games

there was sa time Xbox live was needed to play online now with that same amount you get so much extra content. yes it is free, the amount of content we get yearly is way more than that 50 or 60 dollars we pay yearly

so please just be happy and enjoy the games and vote wisely

solid_snake36562865d ago

They will give psn+ users the option to vote from three indie games. We want AAA games, give us the option to vote for AAA games.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2865d ago


Jk Jk. I've actually been happy with plus cept for the last 2 months. Definitely worth the asking price 50 times over.

nowitzki20042865d ago

WHAT??? Rocket League might be the best title PS+ has given on PS4 yet.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2865d ago

I clearly said I was joking....

xwilldemise2865d ago

People will still find something to b*tch about. Lol
I can see it now, "ohhh, all the choices SONY has us choosing from suck, PS Plus games always gave us sh*t, NOW THEY'RE MAKING US CHOOSE WHAT SH*T we want, talk about picking your poison -_-!!"

Who knows, well on my part I've actually been content with PS Plus for awhile now with Ground Zeroes, Rocket League & GoW:Ascension this month!

Ramser122865d ago

You can give some one the choice between 1000 dollars, 999 dollars, or 998 dollars and they will still complain because you didn't offer them 1001 dollars. Bottom line people are assholes.

Eidolon2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I'm okay with this, but sometimes I like to be surprised. Now what might disappoint me is that I might not get something I voted for and really wanted.

IamTylerDurden12865d ago

But when u do vote for and get that game u really want it'll be exhilarating. Plus if the game u really wanted is a runner up then it'll be on sale.

This is nothing but a good thing where fans choose the games rather than some executive.

Hk85karlsson2865d ago

But if you don't "win" U still get a PS Plus discount on that game.

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