Quick Analysis: Should Journey be Considered a Game?

"Journey is re-releasing on PlayStation 4 today. For many people it is an intense emotional experience that defines one of the best examples of what games can be. Every inch of Journey is a testament to the care and attention to detail by the hands that crafted it. It is truly one of the great artistic triumphs of our generation. But is it even really a game? -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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DarkOcelet1202d ago

The definition of a game is complex.

There are all sorts of genre out there enjoyed by millions.

Like waiting for a teddy bear to jump in.
Like running for infinite just to amass a high score.
Like hiding from creatures without being to able to fight back. AKA 99% of horror games today lol.

All I am saying it's out there enjoyed by many people so yes, it's a game and a great one too.

ChronoJoe1202d ago

The definition of a game is complex, but that's where I lost you. Just because something is out there to be enjoyed by many people, does not necessarily make it a game.

Typical, academic definitions of a game include something that has a goal that needs to be beaten, a task of some sort with win and or lose condition. Additionally, the product must be played for enjoyment (otherwise work would be a game, etc), and obviously it needs to be interactive (driven by player control).

I have some cyberpsychology and game design textbooks someplace with some very abstract definitions, but can't be bothered to dig them up. It's something along those lines however, and yes, definitely definitely is a game under those criteria. Making it to the end is the win condition, and the journey itself is the gameplay. There's no loss condition but there doesn't always need to be, it just makes it a very easy game!

Ashistheking1201d ago

completely agree, even though the goal in journey is vague from the offset it is pretty apparent you need to reach the top of the mountain.

medman1201d ago

The correct question for the author of this piece to ask is, "Should I be considered a games journalist?".

itsjustexuma1202d ago

This game is a masterpiece

tucky1202d ago ShowReplies(1)
Thatguy-3101202d ago

You play it so yes it's a game

Rimeskeem1202d ago

Do you use a controller to move a character around and play?

If answer is yes then it is a game

if answer is no, read the question again because you obviously didnt read it the first time.

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The story is too old to be commented.