Top 10 Games Set in a Post-Apocalyptic Universe

GamersFTW writes: 'Games that give us a glimpse of the end of the world have always held appeal, even if they are bred from impossible scenarios. The need to survive and our drive to do anything to make that happen means that post-apocalyptic worlds will forever be high up on our list of things we want to play.'

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alijones941267d ago

I know it's not out yet, but Mad Max probably deserves an honourable mention at least, should be a post-apocalyptic staple if it lives up to expectation.

GamerGabs1267d ago

Enjoyed the range of games talked about here. Nice to see Horizon Zero Dawn on the list, I'm also really excited for the game and can't wait for more information on it.

Sciurus_vulgaris1266d ago

Having an unreleased game in a top ten list is very unprofessional, regardless of how promising the title is.

LoveSpuds1266d ago

The Last of Us takes top honours for me but I can totally understand why someone might choose Fallout 3, it really is an incredible game.

Nice article, fun to read :)