New Digimon World Re-Imagining Gets Gorgeous Teaser Trailer

Bandai Namco has revealed the first teaser trailer for its recently announced game Digimon World: Next Order.

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Majin-vegeta1176d ago

I hope it gets localized.

Is this more along the lines of the DW games like on PS1 or more like Cyebr sleuth?

Magicite1176d ago

I have always loved Digimon World games on Playstation, never cared about Pokemon though.

Relientk771176d ago

I hope this comes to PS4 and to The West

ONESHOTV21176d ago

i don't think so bud. how about supporting the vita before you talk about the ps4. a pstv is very cheap if you don't like the small screen. some times i just cant stand you ps4 fanboys it also one of the reason i did't buy the ps4.

tubers1176d ago

Probably gonna happen if Digi CS on PS4 and/or PSV does ok. Those are getting localized.

Miguelitons1176d ago

Hope too that it comes to the west!!

Eonjay1176d ago

This looks really good.

TWB1176d ago

That looked good.

I have never played a digimon game despite being a pretty huge fan like over 10 years ago. Never really thought about buying DW because they didnt follow/tell the original Adventure story (except that one PSP game that was never released outside japan)

If this ever gets a world wide release, I would buy it. Especially now that I have a PS tv.