What Does the NX Need to be Successful?

Josh Allan and Adnan of ToasterChimp discuss what it Nintendo needs to do to make the NX a successful console.

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joshmille991180d ago

They need to link their eShop accounts so we dont have to rebuy the same crap with each new system. Plus, i think this is where they combine their home console and handheld together where the controller acts like a portable system and plays the same games. That way instead of one floundering system and one successful one, they combine them and have the best of both worlds.

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stuna11180d ago

3rd party support on par with Xbox1 and PS4. A more mature theme. More importantly strategicly placed marketing.

rdgneoz31180d ago

Yah. They have great first party games, but no support really at all in the ways of 3rd party. All the big name multiplats are basically skipping Nintendo this gen.

quaneylfc1180d ago

3rd party devs might not even support them from the beginning because of the Wii U. The specs of the hardware have to be outrageous in order for it to succeed with audiences and 3rd parties and Nintendo can't do that because they (for lack of a better word:)SO don't need to.

zugdar1180d ago

Agree 100% with 3rd party support. While I obviously have a ton of N games I love, my biggest surprises back in the Gamecube/Wii days come from 3rd party games. Viewtiful Joe, Zack and Wiki (both Capcom), Baten Kaitos, Mad World and many others gave a good break with the classic N franchises. I can think of only Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 (Platinum Games) on the WiiU after three years that have that kind of impact.

The system needs to have enough power to allow companies to port over games. N seems to favor small builds of systems which is silly. I'd easily have a slightly bigger system to include all the stuff needed to be a strong system. Nobody wants to have to buy multiple systems just because a good system never gets support from third parties. Project Cars is a great example of how having a weaker system can kill your port potential.

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DanielEndurance1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

1. Good Games
2. Be more powerful than PS4
3. Continue having free online gaming; embrace giving free games
4. Have a controller we can get accustomed to quickly

Xbonewone320151180d ago

Non gimmicky
Good graphics
Normal controller

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quaneylfc1180d ago

I hope not, then Nintendo will die and become a clone of other companies.

Xbonewone320151180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


Nintendo will become what they used to be in their glory days of the super nintendo and n64...

...great again.

Mr Marvel1180d ago

Graphical power at least on par with PS4/Xbone, 3rd party support & an achievement/trophy system.

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