Nintendo's "Miiverse Redesign" adds Unnecessary Complication where it isn't Needed

Following yesterday's Miiverse redesign, Nintendo Feed's Josh Moorcroft-Jones discusses how the change adds unnecessary complication where it isn't needed.

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1203d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1203d ago

Funny how everyone wants to nitpick the one big flaw and ignore the other cool things...

Trolltroll1202d ago

Hey monkeyman, it will take a little time for some users to get used to any change for better or for worse. But I am excited. After e3 I lost some faith in Nintendo;) but the miiverse update and the huge Splatoon update I feel that they are still suporting the wii u with solid updates that hopefully will transfer to the NX.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1202d ago

I am suppose take an article by Moorcroft serious?

LightofDarkness1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

"Nintendo's "Miiverse Redesign" adds Unnecessary Complication where it isn't Needed"

Oi, where to begin. The "isn't needed" is implied when you say "unnecessary." The capitalization is all over the place. Is "Unnecessary Complication" something's name? Or are you capitalizing the title per standard, in which case it should be "Nintendo's "Miiverse Redesign" Adds Unnecessary Complication Where It Isn't Needed". Also, "Miiverse Redesign" in inverted commas? Are you sarcastically refuting the validity of this as a redesign (it is certainly a redesign, if so)? Or are you quoting the source material, because I believe they more strongly refer to it as a makeover?

Please learn from this.

Trolltroll1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Congrats! You win the todays N4G Grammar Award. You get... to... have contributed nothing to the conversation! You can now rest assured people everyone on N4g now knows of your achievement of contributing less than any Nintendoomed, DX12, PS Wins and "...well my PC runs it better" posts on N4G for the day!

LightofDarkness1202d ago

Oh I see, and under your grand new N4G contribution awards scheme, where does your self serving little narcissistic diatribe place? Do you have anything to add or do you just sit in the corner silently delighting yourself by pointing out how pointless you perceive others' actions? Don't worry, at least one person thinks you're super funny who doesn't also happen to be you.

This is a community driven site. Participating in a meaningful and helpful manner includes pointing out things like this, as doing so generally encourages the contributors to be more mindful in future and prevents poorly written dreck from decorating the front page. But we could just follow your clearly, smugly superior example and lead with the "ah, f**k it and f**k you" standard you so triumphantly uphold.

You also lose marks for groan inducingly overdone attempts at what appears to pass for sarcastic humour and wit in your world.

Nevers0ft1202d ago

Well, you're right and (much to my chagrin because I was really hoping to find something) your grammar is also impeccable. Might I suggest however that you adopt a slightly less condescending tone when correcting people, lest you come across as a bit of a jerk?

Please learn from this :)

For those of you who are concerned, I've contributed nothing to the conversation.

Trolltroll1202d ago

They need to ads zoom for posts or some fullscreen options plz. Viewing the awsome miiverse drawings in 1/10 sucks. Other than that it is a obvious upgrade. The play journal will be nice like trophys or achievements with a personal touch.

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