Nintendo Bids Farewell to the Miiverse By Opening a Special Memorial Channel

Draw up your goodbye posts while you still can.

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EddieNX 468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Such a poor move. It was one of my favorite things about the Wiiu. I don't want to share all my game related things on my Facebook it was better on Miiverse.I used to turn my Wiiu on just to check Miiverse 😭

A great feature that they definitely should not be ditching.

Xerneas468d ago

They should put this on Switch. Let this idea continue on the platform where the action is at now. As for the stylus they can sell them, and maybe a joycon that has a slot, with one included.

EddieNX 468d ago

People seem to be drawing pretty amazing things on Splatton 2 splat fest posts!

Summons75467d ago

I agree it was fantastic. Though not many games truly utilized it, I absolutely loved playing Wind Waker and finding the bottle messages. Found some of the funniest pictures. I'd go out of my way to pick them up.

Xenophon_York467d ago

This is a terrible move by Nintendo. The Miiverse is an awesome feature that separates Nintendo from the competition.