EA: 'There will be people we'll never win over'

“It was a really strong line-up but... they’re just so hard to like.”

That was one industry analyst speaking to MCV moments after EA closed its E3 2015 press event.

Yes, it was heavy on the marketing slogans, and granted, perhaps a bit too much time/not enough time (delete where appropriate) was spent talking to football legend Pele.

But with Star Wars, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, Need for Speed and FIFA, this was one of EA’s strongest ever E3 showings. Wasn’t it?

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ArchangelMike1177d ago

Peter Moore - "We would have no compunction, no hesitation whatsoever, that if something was to go wrong with Star Wars Battlefront – if it wasn’t right – we would just push it. But that’s not going to happen.”

Yeah, that last line - Star Wars Battlefront is not going to miss it's release window - even if it's a bugs nest. DICE will just have to bite the crunch. The potential sale loss if it misses the movie release window will not allow EA that luxury - "players first" be damned.

Erik73571177d ago

Yea I think this could be like Battlefield 4 all over again....

SegaGamer1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

"here are things that we have done over the years that gamers have taken umbrage too - sometimes rightly and, bluntly, most of the times wrongly"

Most of the times wrongly ? ok EA. You have the reputation you have for a reason, it's up to you to now change the opinions of gamers.

EA has definitely improved of late, but they still do things that annoy me as a gamer, the Sims 4 being one of the most annoying things. And as a big fan of FIFA, i am annoyed that they are messing that up too, FIFA 13 was the last good one for me. I'm also a big fan of Simpsons games and since EA got hold of those games, all they have done is made a game that tied in with the film and made a mobile game. The only reason they got the rights to make Simpson's games was to make money, they aren't thinking of the fans at all there.

Let's see what they do with Battlefront, i'm expecting too see a bunch of DLC packs. If they do that, then they will just annoy me even more.