Windows 10: Everything you should know about the Xbox App

Windows 10’s biggest feature is the ability to link up your PC to your Xbox One using the Xbox App. But the Xbox App dives so much deeper than just linking your console to your PC, you can do so much more than that. The app lets you stream your Xbox One games to your PC, view your Xbox account, play Windows 10 games, earn achievements, and much more.

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Bigpappy1180d ago

Nope. DX12 is win10 biggest feature.

SegaGamer1180d ago

Does anyone know what speed your internet connection will need to be to stream the Xbox One to our PC's / Laptop's ?

IrishSt0ner1179d ago

It does not run over the internet, it goes over your local network (LAN), so your internet speed won't matter.

It uses your router to communicate... you can use ethernet at 100Mbps (or Gigabit ethernet at 1000Mbps) to run it very smoothly. That means your xbox is connected to the router via cable, and so is the PC/Laptop.

Alternatively you can use wireless... how well it will run depends on numerous factors such how fast your router wireless tranfer is, how fast your wireless reciever is, how many devices on the network, distance from router etc.

Most should able able to use it on wireless just fine, I had to use the cables to get completley seamless streaming.

PlayableGamez1179d ago

The Streaming feature is boss... I honestly thought I couldn't stream games on my shitty laptop through my shitty internet and it runs phenomenal...

JamesBroski1179d ago

The app is freaking cool and I don't even own an Xbox One. The only cons I have is the settings are really bareboned: almost nothing to tweak; the Game DVR doesn't work on most games; and all the games on the Windows 10 store feel like cheap tablet games (that's what they are though). I would really love if Microsoft would release PC games on their store like Dead Rising, Ryse, Ori and The Blind Forest, etc.

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