Best Batman Games Of All-Time

Batman, like most superheroes, doesn't have the most stellar record when it comes to video games. It's not as bad as Superman, but it's not exactly a mouth-watering list.

The Arkham games changed all that. Rocksteady's trilogy - and Origins - are as high-quality as you could hope for, topped off by the fact they're aimed at adults.

What else deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence, though? VideoGamer picks its favourites.

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Vanfernal1201d ago

Don't know about the best game. But I know the one with the best soundtrack.

TeamLeaptrade1201d ago

Oh yeah, brings back some fond memories of trying to beat this game. Great music!

diesoft1201d ago

Listen to the batman and robin soundtrack for genesis. That's my favorite old school batman soundtrack. Jesper Kyd did it before I even knew who he was. Amazing.

TeamLeaptrade1201d ago

I haven't played many of the Batman games from the past. I did play the original Batman on the NES and I played Batman Forever for the SNES many years ago. But yeah, great list and interesting video.