Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (2006) MicroReview

Largely inconsequential Metal Gear Solid game paved the way for gameplay concepts later utilized in superior entries.

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George Sears1176d ago

What a mediocre review from a mediocre site.

If you are going to review an old game, you shouldn't be comparing and contrasting on future releases. This game came out in 2006, how is it fair to compare it with future iterations? If you are going to make a late review like this one, you should at least set your mind that you are in 2006 reviewing it.

Secondly, it is completely false that Portable Ops is not canon towards the story. If you want to review a game, or a franchise as huge as MGS with your sites format, at least use your short sentences with right factual information.

The first thing Miller talks to Big Boss in Peace Walker was the incident that happened on Portable Ops.

Thirdly, your way of reviewing a game is completely mediocre. No information on story, gameplay, even suggesting emulation and then you decide to give a score on top of all this.

Pathetic. Word of advice, I've been in N4G for quite some time, I suggest you change your ways on reviewing games or don't expect an extra bump of traffic from us.

PressPlayTV1176d ago

Hey thanks for reading, but you missed a few key points from our review:

1. The review said it _is_ canon, not that it isn't canon...

2. Our "microreview" format is specifically designed to give a modern-day perspective on an old game. Sure it's important to consider context, but sometimes a game just doesn't hold up anymore, which is exactly what our reviewer thought happened with Portable Ops. We think if someone in 2015 is thinking about playing Portable Ops, then we can't discount the games that have come out since its release. You can read more about our "microreviews" under the score.

Of course we respect your opinion about the game and appreciate your suggestions, but we hope this shed some light on some of the things that you may have misinterpreted!