Red Ash Gets Funded Thanks to Massive Backer. PS4 and Xbox One Versions Confirmed.

TheArabGamer: "Red Ash, the Mega Man Legends successor which has been struggling on Kickstarter the past month, has managed to get funded. How? Well it's thanks to the massive support of FUZE Entertainment, a Chinese game company that specializes in distributing and publishing AAA games."

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gantarat1176d ago

Gòod news but Why kickstarter if he can find publiser ?

Mikefizzled1175d ago

Exactly this. I expect its the same reason Yu Suzuki took Shenmue to kickstarter. Complete control over it.

RashBandicoot1176d ago

The publisher came through midway of the campaign. It kinds shady but I could care less really. Just happy this is coming out!

001176d ago

because he's a businessman not a creator.

AndrewLB1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

So they can own just about every aspect of the game while having someone else pay for it's development.

I'm not a fan of funding games through kickstarter, nor will I pre-order any game. The only kind of crowd funding that I find logical to participate in is the way Project Cars was setup because we actually own part of the game. Not only did I receive a full copy of Project Cars for my 60 euro buy-in, I also get a share of the profits which is going to be a few hundred euros on the initial payment in a few days followed by quarterly payments based on game sales for three years.


I clicked the link and it seems they've only received $486,000 out of the required $800,000 goal ending August 3rd.

Lon3wolf1176d ago

That's just KS funds the money from Fuze is separate to that amount. On the KS page they say monies collected from the KS campaign is pure stretch goals. Not sure how KS will handle that though as if it does not reach 800k then KS don't take the money, well that's how KS campaigns usually work.

spacedelete1176d ago

this is kickstarter is suppose to work. if customers are paying for development then they should get some profit the game makes.

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Lionalliance1176d ago

Well, that was surprising.

_-EDMIX-_1176d ago

Good to hear. I called it would likely get a XONE version if it was backed by a publisher, thought it would be Deep Silver though, they might have missed a chance to publish this title, but they have their reasons.

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