Five Nights At Freddy's 4 Dev Thanks Fans For Support And Responds To Haters By Being Nice

Developer of Five Nights At Freddy’s 4, Scott Cawthon, sent out a sincere letter to the fans thanking them for the support and criticizing people who showed him hate and disgust as a result of his games.

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Mostafeto1178d ago

I have got the chance to try it out and it has one of the deepest stories in horror games ever made so don't just play it and shut down your computer. Try to immerse yourself in the game and you will be hit right in the heart.

UKmilitia1178d ago

total crap these games that my kid is obsessed with.

Mostafeto1178d ago

NO, Come on now. These games are epic since the very first one I got hooked. You should let your kids play it dude. Let them grow up and say that they played it and trust me these games will become classics down the road.

RalphBlutawn1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Why do you let your kid play it if you hate it so much?

Man_Marmalade1178d ago

The thing that's refreshing about the FNaF games is that they are all connected and they're popular. The first one terrified me. The story behind it is interesting and it's fun reading the theories behind some of the characters.

Mostafeto1178d ago

Yeah exactly, just like Bloodborne, the game's true story is up to each player's interpretation of the game's hidden story. I got terrified from the first one like you and didn't miss one ever since.

UKmilitia1177d ago

story? is there astroy to it?
to me its just a room with screens and random things move.

also i wouldnt compare it to bloodborne

RalphBlutawn1178d ago

Really awesome post from Scott! You can tell how nice of a guy he really is. He's simply a person doing what he loves for the people he loves.

Mostafeto1178d ago

It's nice to see developers talk from their hearts to their fans and shut up haters by your own success.

MegaRay1178d ago

Now l want to check out his games, even tho im not fan of horror games.

WeAreLegion1178d ago

Great games made by a great guy. I'm glad he found success.

Mostafeto1178d ago

Exactly buddy., He deserved it. Nobody works hard and doesn't get rewarded in the end no matter how long it takes. This is a great example for the little kids.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1178d ago

It's annoying when kids try and over-rate things that suck and turn it popular by bandwagon following with lame trends like this.

Anyone that's scared of this game is a wuss sorry i'll give kids a pass in faking or thinking its scary but if you're a teen or older stop it you know it's not scary and there are far more immersive horror games that deserve more recognition.

plmkoh1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

When I was a 6yr old kid, I was doing Simpsons Doom. Now that was scary.

This is like some cheap product of the mobile phone type market, where kiddos see it on the app store, and when suddenly something is slightly above average from the usual trudge sludge F2P they're used to, suddenly a title like this is god-tier level.

Fireseed1177d ago

5$ says you haven't even played it.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I don't waste my money on garbage when i can get better horrors games that are out p.t. was just a free demo and i know its miles better than some wear and tear barney jumping out which is more annoying than scary or even surprising.

I hope you're 10 years old or you're embarrassing. Like seriously what kind of argument is that? i bet you haven't play'd it? go watch elders react on youtube. Not even old folks get scared of that trash. I mean maybe you're scared of chucky movies too i don't know maybe you're just that much of a wuss.

UKmilitia1177d ago

exactly my thoughts.
tbh alot of games wouldnt be so bad if we didnt have dickheads with annoying voices on youtube making videos all day long.

but this along with games like happy wheels and other crap that school playgrounds have made godlike are highly overrated.