Microsoft Runs Down Windows 10's Xbox Live Overlap

Xbox is a big part of Windows 10 and Microsoft has released a video detailing just how integral Microsoft's gaming platform is to it's new operating system.

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4Sh0w3045d ago

Seriously cool stuff they are doing in the Xbox One & Windows 10 ecosystem.

Xavior_Reigns3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Agreed, it's really neat. Makes me wish there were better ISPs in my area to eventually take advantage of this.

falviousuk3045d ago

What does your ISP have to do about this ? This is dependent on your local wifi performance.

Game streaming is only available on the same network (i believe there is a work around using a VPN)

Xavior_Reigns3045d ago

@ falviousuk

Let's just say there's a reason why I do almost everything web related through my phone. And no I'm not going to add hot spot charges to my bill.

qu1ckset3045d ago

Lol you have no idea what your talking about, as Falviousuk said you don't need Internet bandwidth to use this feature, you just need a half decent router with wired or wireless connection (wifi). It's not streaming the game over the Internet , it's streaming the game on your local network aka router/wifi

Xavior_Reigns3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

@ quickset, falviousuk

Well thanks you two, I've learned something new and I'll be looking into how to set it up. I'll admit (obviously) I don't know much in these areas so I hope I provided a good laugh, no shame lol.

Kleptic3044d ago

well, wait...

what falviousuk is saying DOES stream it through the internet, but that is a purpose built set up to connect devices to a home network from 'outside' of it (or, at least, one way of doing it)...

MS is not streaming the game through anything, though...its just a local 'mirroring' thing...and you can do that on a home network that has no internet connection at all...just clarifying...you would need a home router, though...as i don't think this is a wifi direct thing, like miracast or the way some phones connect to televisions...

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christocolus3045d ago

Cant wait to upgrade my Laptop to Windows 10.

TheUndertaker853045d ago

I'm doing it to my familys right now

Black0ut3045d ago

Me too! I'm still waiting for my reserve to arrive. It's killing me cos the first thing I wanna do is stream to my PC.

FlexLuger3045d ago

I already have two PCs ready for W10. Got the xbox. what I need, is to get w W10 phone. My contract gives me a free upgrade in october. so Im gonna do the thing. What I need a surface 3 pro, now :)

Crimzon3045d ago

I really don't see the point of this Xbox App unless they're gonna start putting a lot of games on the store for people to buy. If they don't commit fully and actually make this into something worthwhile it will just be a huge waste. Sure it's nice for people who own an Xbox to message their friends I guess, but Microsoft really need to take this seriously and push ahead.

They've said it will have Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Fable Legends and Minecraft. That's an okay start I guess but they need to start some heavy software support. A great start would be bringing their Xbox 360 emulation to Windows 10 alongside Xbox One. Why not sell all the Xbox 360 games digitally in the Windows 10 store for people to play on PC? Finally people could play Red Dead Redemption on PC for example, which would likely turn their Windows 10 store into an instant success with PC gamers. They could then check out the other Gears of War games, maybe pick up some of the old Halo games and whatever else isn't available on PC.

Microsoft is sitting on a potential goldmine here if they'll just commit to this and give it the support it needs. I mean are they really worried that something like that would interfere with sales of Xbox 360 hardware in 2015? They always made their money on the software side anyways, might as well just give everyone the games that they want.

Who knows? It could actually end up taking off in a huge way and becoming the first real and viable competition for Steam. It looks like they already have the social aspects taken care of, so they just need to bring the games.

3045d ago
optimus3045d ago

You guys should read up a little more...Microsoft already confirmed that you will be able to stream the 360 games that are backwards compatible with the xb1 onto windows 10.

Crimzon3045d ago

I'm not talking about streaming them. I'm talking about releasing the software that emulates the Xbox 360 hardware on Windows 10, and selling Xbox 360 games directly through the Windows 10 store on PC. That way people can buy and play Xbox 360 games on PC without needing an Xbox One or an Xbox 360, the games run natively on Windows 10 instead via the emulation software.

The guy handling it already said that the software that enables Xbox 360 emulation on Xbox One is a Windows 8 app, so we know it will work, it's just a matter of somebody at Microsoft thinking, "We like money, release it".

FlexLuger3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )


"I'm talking about releasing the software that emulates the Xbox 360 hardware on Windows 10, and selling Xbox 360 games directly through the Windows 10 store on PC. That way people can buy and play Xbox 360 games on PC without needing an Xbox One or an Xbox 360"

And that is exactly WHY that wont be happening. Its part of the xbox selling points. They still need to sell xbox consoles. Its actually a good move, on their part to keep BC on xbox. If yo REALLY want those X360 games you will buy an X360 or better yet an XB1.And selling more xbox consoles is a good thing.

freshslicepizza3045d ago

"That way people can buy and play Xbox 360 games on PC without needing an Xbox One or an Xbox 360, the games run natively on Windows 10 instead via the emulation software."

why would they do that? they want the xbox to be part of it all and make it run with windows 10 in unison. what's next, allowing mario maker on the pc?

microsoft is trying to get a bigger audience by having microsoft apps running on windows 10 and the xbox one.

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dcbronco3045d ago

I think 360 emulation will come to PC. Microsoft is a different company. They are making their money on being the go to brand and that means having you using a Microsoft product at every turn. It's a different way of marketing.

Microsoft currently spends several billion a year on advertising. Why not allow a PC to play an Xbox game. If that sells hardware great. Add all of the potential new Xbox gamers with Steam like sales on older Xbox titles.

And so much of this will be cross buy which adds value to Surface as well. Surface is growing while iPad is shrinking. Windows phone is growing also. Though Apple is still killing it on phones. Remember Microsoft is geared towards cloud and mobile first now and services. Anything that brings another Windows device into your home is a potential win for them.

Kleptic3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Ms isn't worried that some legacy 360 software on PC will cannibalize anything with the 360...they're worried it'll do it to the Xbox One...and it will...full 360 emulation on PC, cross platform play on win 10 PC with XBO players, xbox app integrating all xbl features on PC...without a subscription?...all XBO gaming software have some sort of Win 10 PC variant, etc....everyone keeps asking for this stuff, a lot of it gets reoccurring rumors in the media, and sure...it all sounds nice...

but seriously...why...would anyone even consider an Xbox one at that point?

its like everyone has been surprised that Ms 'doesn't get' PC gaming since 2001...of course they don't...they put all their eggs in a completely different basket...and all this new stuff coming to PC is entirely a product of a recent console release that isn't exactly future proof...that isn't a dig at the xbox one, i'm only saying: if they do what even xbox one owners seem to be asking for...they're literally making the existence of the xbox one pointless...

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Shazz3045d ago

Sweet mine is isnstalling now

Kane223045d ago

too bad the connect button isn't showing up for on the desktop version...

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Volkama3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Were you in the Windows 10 preview program? There was a release recently that included an older version of the xbox app and it didn't update itself automatically.

Just open the windows store and choose to install the latest version.

Kane223045d ago

i found out but thanks anyway:)

Chanogram3045d ago

There is a setting on your xbox one that i believe has to be enabled to allow streaming.

lemoncake3045d ago

Just waiting on the release of the Xbox one controller wireless dongle now, gonna be sweet streaming my Xbox to my htpcs.

3045d ago
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