Activision Looking to Sell Sierra

Activision says it may sell off some of its Vivendi studios in an attempt to "better align" the company's development operations.
Since Vivendi joined with Activision last year, much speculation has been growing about the company's plans. Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith said Monday that the company is looking at selling off classic publishing label Sierra as well as its affiliated studios.

He said the firm will "realign staffing at Radical Entertainment and High Moon Studios" and is exploring "the possibility of divestiture" of Massive Entertainment and Swordfish Studios. He also said Sierra could be up for sale as well as Vivendi's mobile games operations.

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ChefDejon5607d ago (Edited 5607d ago )

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.

rhood0225607d ago

well, Sierra is currently producing Brutal Legends, Ghostbusters, Prototype and WET.

But they are responsible for F.E.A.R, Timeshift, Empire Earth, and the Hulk games. Among many others.

The gaming GOD5607d ago

I think they made F.E.A.R and Empire Earth too

PwnShop5607d ago

Yeah some pretty crap games like Crash Bandicoot, Homeworld, Spyro, World in Conflict. C'mon they've made good games.

The gaming GOD5607d ago

In the beginning Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were made by Naughty Dog and Insomniac.

Those franchises were sold off and that's why Sierra has them I think

SuicidalTendencies5607d ago

Didn't they make Aliens vs Predator 2 for the PC? That game rocks.

Proxy5607d ago

The Tribes series was the best FPS of it's time and I'd trade just about - scratch that - I'd trade ANY of the modern FPS to go back to the glory days of Tribes 2.

Sierra had a hand in that. And again I'll mention the original Homeworld, 2000 game of the year, not expected to be outdone until the 3000 game of the year is declaired.


Ju5606d ago

Timeshift ? Underrated. Was pretty good, IMO.

Seraphim5606d ago

yep, they haven't really made much worth noting.

FEAR, yes, awesome PC game but like most-all PC games it didn't translate onto consoles very well. Sure it was still a solid game, and looked decent but it was still a PC game running on a console. Which it was thus it felt like what it was, a PC game ported to consoles.

Prototype has been a mixed bag for me. Not interesting. Saw some screenshots and read a preview so now it sounds ok. Saw some gameplay and heard more about it and it's back to not interesting. To me though InFamous has always been atop my list. Since if I'm no mistaken it was announced before Prototype...

Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction wasn't half bad for a Hulk game, Bourne didn't cut it, 50 Cent, come on now, Spyro has hit the gutter since Sierra has had it, Timeshift was another PC game on consoles, Scarface, The Bard's Tale, etc. While they've tried they really don't a whole lot to show...

Ghostbusters, WET, Brutal Legend, & the aforementioned Prototype are in development. None of which have found my much-any of my interest.

The only good thing I thing "I CAN" say about Sierra is that they do try and they do often take chances with games by creating some pretty off the wall titles. But these chances never seem to pay off much for them so from a business perspective it would probably be best for Activision to try & cut them loose or cut ties w/ a portion of them...

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zo6_lover275607d ago (Edited 5607d ago )

I wonder who will buy them?

ChefDejon5607d ago

they need some more first party studios...but i doubt it

zo6_lover275607d ago

Could be, But I think it will be some Third party company. Sony could do it too, It would improve on there already super awesome 1st party line up.

PwnShop5607d ago

Maybe EA, theyre not big enough

The gaming GOD5607d ago

They recently spoke of wanting to acquire other companies

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TheColbertinator5607d ago

It would be a shame if EA picked up those studios

ruibing5607d ago

Haven't you heard? Activision is the new EA. The lesser of two evils is still a bastard.

rhood0225607d ago

I could see EA picking up Sierra. Especially to get PROTOTYPE, Ghostbusters and Brutal Legends.