The Share button is this generation's defining feature


It was when I was 150-starring Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (again) on PS Vita, that it hit me. There were several occasions when my performance was either astonishingly good (smug face), or 'out-in-5-seconds' bad and, in both situations, I reached for the Share button, only to feel smooth Vita shell instead. It was at that moment I realised the button's impact. For anyone moaning that this generation offers nothing new over the old one, I hold the Share button rudely close to their face. This is the difference. This is what the generation will be remembered for.

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ninsigma1204d ago

Hmmm I'd have thought share play would have been more defining, or streaming xbox to pc maybe?? I guess shareplay is only good if you have someone to play share play with and not everyone has a pc to stream to. Share button is cool though! Perfect for when I beat bosses in bloodborne. Spammed my friends fb pages with my victories xD