Conversations with Creators: Santa Monica Studios

The fourth and final episode of Conversations with Creators, hosted by Wil Wheaton, is now out and in the wild on PlayStation Store and on YouTube.

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littlezizu2622d ago

Hoping SSM announce their new game soon.

nowitzki20042622d ago

Lets hope so... Would be amazing if they can make it open world rpg and make it work.

rezzah2622d ago

During the discussion one of the devs showed distaste towards everything being open world, he said it is boring.

I agree, open world games extend the period of playtime which takes away from the impact of the core story (like watching a movie with multiple breaks). I'm not saying open world games should not exists, just that everything should not become an open world game.

littlezizu2622d ago

^,they didn't say boring per say but said too much of open world games in this gen market; hence the need for something different. I kinda agree.

S2Killinit2622d ago

Really like these conversations with the creators feature on PSN.