Games delayed into 2016 that are totally worth the wait

Once upon a time, the games of 2014 became the games of 2015 and many games of 2015 are quickly becoming the games of 2016. Nobody likes to wait, but sometimes it’s absolutely worth it. These are the games that have been delayed to the next year that no one is complaining about.

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DarkBlood1205d ago

I'll be playing the shit out of zelda and uncharted 4 upon release they are both among my top favouritie franchises

KionicWarlord2221205d ago

Lol how is The Last Guardian worth the wait. The game was suppose to release on the ps3. All we seen at e3 was a similar demo from years ago.

Other titles all make sense on this list but The Last guardian? Freaking hysterical reading that.

Convas1205d ago

It was nice knowing you, K.

NobodyEpic1205d ago

I agree. Game looks exactly like the ps3 version. People give FF15 trash, but atleast it was an improvement. TLG is now running the PS4 engine and it looks exactly the same. Graphics are sub par in my opinion.

medman1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@nobodyepic & kionicwarlord
Why are people still so confused about this issue? Here are some words from the man Shuhei himself to help...

'Yoshida also frankly acknowledged some of the issues with the first version of The Last Guardian, which was announced at E3 2009 as a PlayStation 3 game.

"The trailer we showed [at E3 2009] was running on the engine but not at the performance; the game had a much lower frame rate so we sped it up to look like it was running at 30 frames-per-second for the video," Yoshida recalled. "But the team has really really struggled to get the game running at the performance it needed and some features went missing so there are lots of technical challenges that they were going through."

In 2012, with the knowledge that the PS4 was due to release just a year later, Yoshida said Sony realized that it had to make an important decision regarding the fate of The Last Guardian.

"With the [PS4 development] system available it became apparent for us that we just cannot continue like this in terms of the pace of development," Yoshida said. "We knew that we had to compromise on the design or the scope or the number of characters if we stayed on PS3. So in order to realize the vision we said, 'Let's do PS4.'"

Anybody who watched the E3 2015 demo and thinks that looks like a ps3 game is a bit lost. The animation of the bird dog creature alone negates that opinion...the feathers blowing with the wind, the dust in the environment, the destruction in the environment...stop the nonsense people.

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Rimeskeem1205d ago

Uncharted 4 will be my life until Horizon

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