Red Ash Playable "Mock Up" Demo Available Now

TheArabGamer writes: "Red Ash, the successor to Mega Man Legends, is still chugging along Kickstarter. In a move that may appear desperate, the team at Comcept have created a mock up build for players to try out. It's by no means a demo but more of sample test. What caught my attention the most was how I felt like I was in the Apple Market from Mega Man Legends! The can and even the speech text sound effect all brought back those crazy memories."

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Nosred1180d ago

Tested and not of to say a lot, they removed one style of walking backwards ML think it turned out better this way and how missing only five days hopefully at least reach the Pc and is not canceled.

rdgneoz31180d ago

Some where right now, a teacher is committing seppuku for having failed so horribly...

As for the (good translated) article... While I'd love another MML game, it's not the best precedent to be funding a dev that has already collected millions of dollars to create a game (Mighty No. 9) and has yet to deliver. It makes the delays (rumors of it being pushed back now to 2016) seem like they don't care about finishing the game for those that donated, and would rather start working on a different game and get people to donate for that.

Unlimax1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

here's some mysterious fishy lines from the demo when you speak to Call :
"The legendary legacy....
As if i'm gonna let those rich fools blow it to smithereens"
"sending this job to Beck and Tyger is probably my best shot"

wooh wooh !? are they "throwing shade" to the people who didn't donate to this project ?
-if that's the right word to call-

DiscoKid1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I know it's a pre-alpha, but they had a working RD Beck model rigged and everything, so can't see why they used MN9 Beck.

ryuuzakibjorn1180d ago

Most likely because this demo has been sitting around since the campaign inception; Waiting for the last few days for it to launch it.