How Journey Broke Me

Journey was just released on the Playstation 4, but way before that it had an everlasting impact on me.

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NukaCola1203d ago

This article is a little dramatic. I love Journey as well and I agree that there is something amazing about having that silent communications when you get to play with a "cooperatively sound" player, but to have uncontrollable breakdown emotions seems a little out there. I know that games can be just as powerful and artistic as any other media, but realistically I just don't see why you would break down and cry. The beginning of the article stereotypes New York City as a land of prejudice alpha males. That is a little offensive and shows some insecurities.

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VforVideogames1202d ago

Well I guess the author of this article is gay and they tend to show more emotions.

thornh1202d ago

I have Journey on the PS3 and I never got past the second area. It just didn't grab my attention back then and I never went back to finish it. When it was released on the PS4 I thought about getting it again but didn't want to shell out another $20. When I went to the PS Store I saw I didn't have to pay for it again I promptly downloaded it and began playing. Now, I'm a tough old bird but when my journey was complete and the credits rolled I will admit that I shed a tear or two. It is an incredible artistic expression of life. The ups and downs. The joys and fears. Lending a helping hand to people you don't know and being helped in return. It was an immensely rewarding experience and well worth a tear or two.

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uth111202d ago

It's a beautiful, and emotionally uplifting game for sure..


can't say it was life-changing, didn't alter my outlook on gaming in any way. Some of these Journey descriptions are way over the top!

Repjaws1202d ago

I have a question.I bought Journey which came with Flow and flower,so if I have that on my PS3 do I still get the free copy on PS4?

Eonjay1202d ago

All thrre titles are crossplay so yes.

nucky641202d ago

I would think so. it's easy to tell - put it in your shopping cart and see if you'll be charged anything at checkout.

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