Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is Making a Comeback; Begins With Ty 4 for PC

Classic platformer Ty the Tasmanian Tiger may be getting the remaster treatment, but in the meantime PC players will soon be able to enjoy Ty 4 which previously released exclusively for Windows 8.

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Majin-vegeta1205d ago

Oh god yes.Pls bring it to PS4.Loved this game in my teen days

s45gr321205d ago

Why is it is coming to PC first

chrish19901205d ago

Ty 4 is - it was originally only for windows 8 app store but they're going to be making it available to more PC users. As for the rest - haven't the foggiest. Personally hoping for a PS Vita collection, but that's about as likely as my landlady reducing the rent.

Pinkdolphinyfg1205d ago

Remember playing the heck out of all 3 games on my ps2 they were really underrated platformers and imo a bit ahead of their time. Remember it being open world with fun missions and upgradeable boomerangs. It even had a racing mini game that was alot like mario kart within the game. Good game and hope it makes a come back

Skate-AK1204d ago

Only played the first one. Loved it on GameCube. Would love to see this new one or even a re-master come to consoles.

Germany71204d ago

Great news, looks like even more 3D platformers will come back.

ginsunuva1204d ago

And of course you bothered reading the article.

Germany71204d ago

And of course i'm talking about the possible remake of the three games, you know, the 3D platformers.
You would know that if you read the article.

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