The Games of August 2015

"Though the middle stages of each year are known for being relatively quiet, the lack of AAA titles that tend to release at this time of year may make the pickings seem quite slim, but if you’re of that school of thought then you’re mistaken. Look a little deeper and you’ll quickly realise that on top of the small number of big names there is a month filled with wonderful independently developed titles to enjoy – so sit back, relax and get yourself familiar with The Games of August 2015." - BGU

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Jackhass1204d ago

The long slow summer continues.

cfc781204d ago

Augusts a month of saving for me although there are some good releases I think September through to December im gonna need every penny.

crazychris41241204d ago

Been working on completing games in my backlog this summer, 6 down, 20 to go.

MSBAUSTX1203d ago

Rare Replay and Gears remaster definitely look good to me. Now to figure out if I want them now or wait until later. Hmmm