Why isn't EA releasing more 'Star Wars' games in 2015?

"2015 will be a landmark year for Star Wars given that the next movie, The Force Awakens, is set to release in December. Naturally, hype for the film is riding high, and this is a prime time for both Disney and EA to push all things Star Wars-related and reap huge amounts of profit from it. In light of all this, one question remains. Why isn't EA publishing more Star Wars games this year?"

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Rimeskeem1180d ago

Want to make sure they get the first one right?

Christopher1180d ago

Why compete with themselves?

just_looken1180d ago

The question should be is 2 years enough time to make a game from scratch and call its a full price title?

Ea has only been making star wars game for 2 years.

Its only been 3 sense the sell of starwars

sullynathan1180d ago

What I want to know is whether there will be an actual KOTOR 3 since I heard that Disney said everything that isn't part of the original 6 movies are non-canon.

jay21180d ago

the other game isn't ready which would smash that joke of battlefront to pieces

re2_apocalypse1180d ago

You get the troll bubble of the day award =)


FallenAngel19841180d ago

They have plenty of other years to capitalize on the Star Wars hype train

Frinker1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Because churning out licensed games usually isn't a wise idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.