Retro Review: 'Bases Loaded' hit it into the stands

A look back at the original NES Bases Loaded as it aims for a new generation

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Monster_Tard1180d ago

I remember playing the Game Boy version of this game as a kid, to me retro sports games are more fun than modern ones.

3-4-51180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Bases Loaded 2 was amazing. Use the play the heck out of that game.

Always used to steal bases and trick my brother into throwing the wrong way....lots of inside the park homeruns :-)

good times.

Aceman181180d ago

Yea loved part 2. I threw two perfect games in it one against computer, another against my friend. Both were hard to get lol.

jmc88881180d ago

An amazing game. A real leap up from RBI baseball and Major League Baseball (the game).

HaveAsandwich1180d ago

remember "you bum, out!" when you struck out the cleanup guy, with bases loaded. it happened a few times while i was a kid, and we went nuts. i think thats how its triggered, anyways.