Power Up: 10 videogame character athletes that may have used steroids

Professional sports have dealt with doping from track & field, to cycling, baseball, pro football, wrestling, boxing, and just about any sport you can think of. Taking that information and looking at many of athletes that have existed in the gaming world has resulted in suspicions that maybe some of these digital athletes were doping like A-Rod and the real players.

Without further ado, here are 10 game characters suspected of using "power ups" to enhance their game.

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fafoon4515d ago

Marcus and Dom are Defiantly Injecting
All be it Each other
But them two Butch Gears are Defiantly Injecting

WildArmed4515d ago

yeah. They do look like they are on roids.

I was laughing my ass off when i saw Mario in there

fafoon4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

From Ready 2 Rumble
That Dude is on some serious Sh*t