Itagaki believes Devil's Third will be a 'breakthrough for the industry'

Devil's Third's creator Tomonobu Itagaki still believes the upcoming action-shooter will be a "breakthrough for the industry" that will "take shooters to the next level", despite the game being heavily criticised in a recent wave of previews.

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Rimeskeem1180d ago

Not saying he is wrong but Isn't that what all devs say about their game?

bicfitness1180d ago

Except in his case, his is the ranting of someone affected with paranoid delusions. I almost feel bad for him. Almost.

rdgneoz31180d ago

You feel bad for him till you realize how much money he got to make the game from THQ and then Nintendo to make the game...

bouzebbal1180d ago

this guy is a clown.. but the game seems fun.

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

Agreed. I wonder if he is going to kill himself or something?

This game is going to bomb HARD! I don't see this game selling well at all, hell if it released on PS4 and XONE I didn't see it selling well, but on the Wii U? Oh.....oh boy this is going to be bad.

Just goes to show just how much he relied on Team Ninja, they seem to be doing pretty fine without him, be he on the other hand...not so much.

Speaking of ex-Team Ninja staffers, I feel sorry for those that left with him.....

Yi-Long1180d ago

I don't see this being a success either. From what I've seen, it's graphics just look really outdated, like PS2, early PS3 era.

From what I've seen from the gameplay and character-design, it just really doesn't appeal to me. AT ALL.

I think Itakagi is great: Ninja Gaiden Black was certainly one of my favourite games on the Xbox, and I liked the Dead or Alive series until Itagaki left and the current folks ruined it with their greedy DLC-milking crap.

However, this game just looks poor. Not saying it can't be 'fun' to play, but just saying that nothing from what I've seen about it, appeals to me personally.

stragomccloud1180d ago

You mean "delusions of grandeur."

Gohadouken1180d ago


I dont think DOA5 was in any way ruined because of costumes , that's of course you personal and usual issue with DLCs in general (that i partially share mind you) ... it actually sparked back the interest for many , especially those that dropped it at 4 , and brought in people that werent interested .

Regardless of the dlc scheming

bicfitness1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

@strago Well, that too, I suppose. I was actually referring to his attacks against journalists who recently previewed (and loled at) his masterpiece. "They just weren't skillful enough", or something to that effect.

Bimkoblerutso1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


Developers really just need to get their heads out of their asses.

In my opinion, a game like Devil's Third is not unappealing because it was made with a B-budget. It's unappealing because it is a B-budget game that was obviously created to emulate the AAA formula.

Developers should be utilizing the artistic freedom that comes with a budget that is not studio-inflated, but so often they are just confused when their b-games don't sell well...and the reason is that they are exactly like the AAA games, but with terrible presentation.

Bring something crazy and new to the table, or at least appeal to a niche that AAA won't touch for god's sake.

donthate1180d ago

I loved Ninja Gaiden, and melding that with shooting looks awesome. However, having it on the Wii U just killed any chance of me buying it.

On top of that, the story line doesn't look appealing to me.

The combat though, looks amazing compared to many games out there. It looks like the shooting mechanics look solid too.

I can't say that for a lot of games....

Tdmd1179d ago

And the game that is supposed to be the "breakthrough for the industry" will completely ignore PC, PS4 and XB1 to be a WiiU exclusive?

XBLSkull1179d ago

As much as I love Ninja Gaiden, this game looks terrible, he is delusional.

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Hoffmann1180d ago

I remember that the developers of Rise of the Robots said something similar..yes.

Papafynn1180d ago

Hahaha! Rise of The Robots, that was a pile of hot turd!

Yi-Long1179d ago

Gawd we're old, aren't we...!? :P

quantumofmalice1179d ago

I had Rise of the Robots on 3DO! Do you feel old too?

Genuine-User1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Seems to me that Itagaki has not observed the advancements in our gaming industry. Poor man is probably still stuck in the glory days of Ninja Gaiden and DOA.

die_fiend1180d ago

Yeah this game looks appalling, and after so many years.

He should stick to swordplay and get rid of guns. Ninja Gaiden is one of the tightest action games ever.

donthate1180d ago


" Ninja Gaiden is one of the tightest action games ever."

AND it still is!

I haven't seen another game that has that awesome combat since.

IamTylerDurden11180d ago

I disagree, the game actually has some innovative ideas but the development hell is why this game appears antiquated (to you). There are some archaic segments they apparently left in from early development (like the driving sequences) but the mixture of gunplay and swordplay, 1st and 3rd person, cover based and fast paced action is actually somewhat progressive.

@ die_fiend

I actually think the gunplay looks fun coupled with the swordplay, Shadow Warrior was a blast. To mix real gunplay is intriguing to me, and to be able to slice n dice at close range instead of throwing 1 pathetic melee move (like most shooters do) adds a wonderful layer to combat. Hopefully it isn't a waste of good ideas.

Kingdomcome2471179d ago

Yeah, but usually not to the extent that he is. Off topic: Did he actually refer to Nintendo as, "Club Mario", towards to the end of the interview?

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FallenAngel19841180d ago

I don't see this game being as big a game changer to the third person action shooter as Gears of War and Uncharted were for the genre.

MSBAUSTX1180d ago

But it isnt just a third person shooter. It is also a FPS and third person action RPG/platformer. The gameplay trailer I have seen it looks like about 4 different genres rolled in to one game. If it is done correctly it has the potential to be very fun.

DanielGearSolid1180d ago

Theres legitimate platforming?

Thats cool

ShadowWolf7121180d ago

Sadly it wasn't, and that's visible from gameplay alone. The FPS mode looks terrible too.

Septic1180d ago

The game looks fun but a breakthrough? Just sounds like complete hyperbole from the dev based on what was shown. Hey, I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong.

MetroidFREAK211180d ago

Lol high hopes for a game that honestly doesn't look good... But maybe I'll be wrong. Who knows until it's actually released