10 Games That Consume Your Life

There are times in your gaming career that you come across a video-game that consumes your soul. The game becomes so addictive; you question whether the developers have lined the game with opioids. Whether it is the gameplay that attracts you, the story, the online community, trophy collection or it’s just part of your daily routine. Some games simply do not lose their appeal; they ooze longevity and secrete attraction. Let’s take a look at a few that are a certainly worth paying for

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alijones941269d ago

Always preferred New Vegas to Fallout 3. Felt like even though it didn't go for the standard formula of having a character straight out of a vault, it expanded the series much more than 3. Also, it made you explore - I got through 3 only having to do 1 or 2 side quests, whereas New Vegas makes you go out into the rest of the wasteland.

timmyp531269d ago

Well it really depends on your playstyle. In regards to Fallout. I don't even start on the main missions before I feel like I have explored almost all of the world and gotten all that I can out of it. This was different in Fallout 1 due to the urgency/time limit of the situation..

On a side note(may get some opposition for this):
I'd love to see them implement something like this again because being too open world and having too much choices can be overwhelming for some players. Fallout does its quests well but a lot of open world games give you that fetch quest vibe for mostly everything you do that's not main story or you get sidetracked and lose focus for mundane things. I'd love to see some changes in that aspect.

In the end Fallout is amazing for its sense of exploration/lore not for its story really.

takohma1269d ago

Thats an interesting way to play. I'll have to try what you did sometime. Exploring almost all the world before you start the main missions seems like you will have a better grip on the game.

dreamoner1269d ago

better writing beats better world design. I say let Obsidian make New Vegas 2/west coast fallout with the new engine

what do they got to loose? moar money for bethesda

Fridgecake1269d ago

Surprised to see that League of Legends isn't on the list but I guess it's a similar thing to Dota.

Hadn't heard of dying light though, will have to go check it out!

MrsNesbitt1269d ago

You will not regret Dying Light! Trust me :P

joab7771269d ago

I figured LOL had to be on any list like this.

Relientk771269d ago

Diablo 2 and 3
The Witcher 3
Dragon Age Inquisition

Rimeskeem1269d ago

for me at least:

Rocket League

GamerGabs1269d ago

Quite a few there that I'm going to have to check out. I think The Binding of Issac:Rebirth, Don't Starve, and Pokémon, are the games that not only take up many of my hours but that I keep revisiting. Whenever I want to kill a bit of time or I'm not sure what to play I usually end up picking one of those three.

timmyp531269d ago

Nah. But kudos for Draper avatar.

WellyUK1269d ago

it has for many it's a popular game just look on Twitch it's always up there. People just can't deal with it, i personally hated the game but it's no doubt a popular game.

joab7771269d ago

Destiny definitely will take more of your time than Dying Light or any sp game for that matter.

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The story is too old to be commented.