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Square Enix working on two new Xbox 360 games?

In the rumour-section of the latest Game Labo magazine, it is said that Square Enix is currently working on two new Xbox 360 games. Game Labo is one of the larger gamemagazines in Japan.

Unfortunately they don't mention their source or the titles of the games they would possibly be working on. What Square-Enix would you like to come to Xbox 360?

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MicroGamer4418d ago

if MS could manage to steal Square-Enix away from them. It had to have hurt Nintendo when Sony snatched them away during the Playstation-N64 years and it would be just as bad for Sony if they lost them.

InMyOpinion4418d ago

They're releasing the next Dragon Quest for the Nintendo DS so it's not entirely impossible that they could also make games for the 360.

Anerythristic264418d ago

There is a strong rumor going around that the 360 is also getting the FF 13 Versus titles. Do what you you will with that rumor. Though be aware it was stated by the same person who broke the fact that Alan Wake was a 360 exclusive 4 months before it was officially annoumced.

ollin014418d ago

If Versus hits 360 it will be on 5 DVD's. lol

ImTheNumber124418d ago

It will have to save 20 gigs to a ps3 to play...and then the ps3 will melt into sports titles and blow up a rubik's cube into your face. SMARTER

PS360WII4418d ago

I feel this is not the way one should make a game. You want to make a long FF 13 then release it on multipule discs. Don't release part of it 3 times... Very frustrating but at least Square Enix and Nintendo are buds again. I still can't believe Dragon Quest IX is coming out for the DS! Among plenty other titles from Square Enix. Seems they picked the best system for there killer titles and it's not a home console it's a handheld!

Ravenator5294418d ago

But it is nice to see companies like Square Enix developing games for the 360.

frostbite064417d ago

Thats exactly what id call it.

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The story is too old to be commented.