Why Did Noir Platformer Renoir Fail on Kickstarter?

Serena Nelson writes: "It's sad to see a crowdfunding project not make their goal. It's even sadder to see the developers decide to cancel the run while there's still time left on the clock. Unfortunately, it looks as if the latter is the case for the platformer puzzler Renoir. Which comes as both a surprise and not quite a surprise at the same time. I know, those are pretty much mutually exclusive. But hear me out."

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UnHoly_One1276d ago

Hopefully people are starting to wise up about Kickstarter and not waste their money.

crazysammy1276d ago

There are quality projects on KS but you are right people need to wise up and I think for the most part most people are. Even things like Inafunes new project Red Ash. That is struggling with funding because its so early in production and they tried to stretch too far with having the animated KS as well.

Some KS projects fail because they do not get the press they need to catch fire. I wonder if the influx of bigger studios taking so much money in for their projects that maybe they are pulling money that maybe smaller projects would have received. Hard to say.

GregMicek1276d ago

Totally agree with you. While I don't think that backing Kickstarter campaigns is foolhardy, people have been way too loose with their money on there in the past. It's nice to see people being more skeptical, but it's a bummer when promising games fail in their campaign for mysterious reasons.

OhMyGandhi1276d ago

wow. the game looks amazing. Why is this the first time I am hearing of it?