Why Microsoft Is Losing Console War Against Sony

Since 2002, Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp have locked horns against each other in the console war. The original Xbox and PlayStation 2 were the first combatants. There was the underdog, with greater third party support in the PS2 and the powerhouse challenger in the Xbox and guess who won? Xbox was not a failure by any means, but it was unable to reach the heights that PS2 had set. As history proves in this industry, it’s all about the games.

It was an even contest between the PS3 and Xbox 360, as there was no clear winner between them. Both consoles had to contend with Nintendo as the Wii had become a surprise contender. There were equally good exclusives, from both Sony and Microsoft, but it wasn’t until November 2013, we saw a real console war.

This time we have a clear winner in the PlayStation 4. The way the PS4 has sold 22.3 million units and more since November 2013 has surprised Microsoft. Xbox One sold the same million units as the PS4 in the first 24 hours, but the la...

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suckingeggs2162d ago

End of the day

I am glad Sony is winning because Its made being a Xbox one owner a great place to be at the moment

Also looking forward to sonys exclusives next year

Its Just win win for gamers

ZhukNasimPog2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I was about to say this when I saw the article. Competition is a must

ps you honestly think the Ps4 would have 1.81 teraflops if the xbox one didn't exist?

@heavy. Why 'wow'

Neither console would be as powerful as they are with out competition. It's the same with any market. Products and services get better to best the competition. If there was no competition, things would stagnate.

xHeavYx2162d ago

"ps you honestly think the Ps4 would have 1.81 teraflops if the xbox one didn't exist?"
Wow... just... wow...

Abash2162d ago

For the sake of the industry, Xbox must always lose to PlayStation.

We saw what Microsoft had in store for the gaming industry when they unveiled the Xbox One and were sure they would be the industry leader this gen.

Also, look at how Japanese games are getting more and more popular again since the PS4 has been dominating. If the PS4 and Xbox One sales numbers were swapped, hardly any Japanese devs would even bother still making console games.

n4rc2162d ago


You can't honestly believe that.

MasterCornholio2162d ago

"ps you honestly think the Ps4 would have 1.81 teraflops if the xbox one didn't exist? "

Yeah it still would.

tinynuggins2162d ago


I don't agree. I think each one needs to be humbled if they get out of control. Just look at Sony with the PS3. Their attitude and cockiness is why I never considered the PS3 even though I was a hardcore sony fan for PS1 and PS2.

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Cindy-rella2162d ago

Lol, ps3 is ahead of the Xbox 360 in total sales and the ps4 has twice the total global sales as the Xbox one.

There isn't anything subjective about who is winning this generation unless someone cant count or just doesnt understand mathematics. People who talk about how winning is subjective when it comes on to numbers are just being silly. Ps4 has way more sales than the Xbox one.Xbox one had a few price drop while giving away free games and its still selling way below ps4

tinynuggins2162d ago

Winning is absolutely subjective are you kidding me? Jurassic world is like the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. Does that mean that it's the 3rd best movie of all time? Come on Cindy.

ninsigma2162d ago


I would just like to start off by sayin, Jurrasic world is an awesome movie. Now that's off my chest, on to business!

Obviously JW is not the best movie ever but it's income clearly shows it's the most popular box office movie among the general population (pretty sure Chris Pratt had a lot to do with that :P ), regardless of the fact that the Green Mile is actually the best movie ever ;). So in popularity, we can say it's "winning" due to how well it's done in box office.

Also no one is sayin the ps4 is the best console ever (I mention best console ever because you mentioned best movie ever). It has the most sales this generation between itself, xb1 and wii u, therefore it is the most popular console of the generation, therefore it is "winning" the generation.

Numbers cannot be subjectified, they are what they are.

You may disagree that the PS4 is the best console of choice this generation and infact would rather choose the wii u or XB1 but that doesn't change the fact that out of everyone who has jumped into the current generation of gaming consoles, the majority have chosen PS4. That could change in the future and one of the other consoles could see a surge in sales and surpass it, making that console the most popular and therefore it will be "winning", but as it stands, PS4 is on top.

UnHoly_One2162d ago

I'm with you, Suckingeggs.

I'm perfectly happy the Xbox One is "losing". It's easily my favorite of the current consoles, and as long as they are struggling to play "catch up", I keep getting more games and features. :)

Sales don't mean jack to me, but the stuff that MS is doing trying to get those sales sure does.

Neonridr2162d ago

Winner is a subjective term, one that hardly applies to the end user. If an Xbox One gamer continues to get great exclusives and third party support, exactly how are they "losing"??

FlexLuger2162d ago

"If an Xbox One gamer continues to get great exclusives and third party support, exactly how are they "losing"??"

Bingo. Nothing more needs to be said.

suckingeggs2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

'how are they losing'?....they are losing In sales.

which is the be all and end all in reality for these billion dollar corporations ... Which is why Microsoft are doing everything they can to increase sales... Its a business

You are thinking from a gamers point of view which is a fun place to be at the moment whether you support Microsoft or Sony or both... But let's be real about the situation Microsoft are facing, which is a huge huge gap in sales to their nearest competitor.

Neonridr2162d ago

which gives MS a reason to continue to deliver top tier games and ensure strong partnerships with 3rd party studios. Which is a win for Xbox gamers.

It's either that, or just give up. And I don't see that happening.

FlexLuger2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )


I agree with some of what you say. At the end of the day, sales matter to Ms, sony and nintendo..and publishers. As gamers? it dont matter as long as your console is giving you the goods. I have a hard time imagining nintedo fans worrying about the WiiU install base when they are looking forward to xenogears and zelda while playing splatoon, Smash bros. and mario kart. We should all take a leaf out of their

They have lost this round. they know it. they know they are picking up the pieces. But their will be a nextbox. And thats what really matters here. they wont make those mistakes again. And if sony as a company continue to lose money outside of playstation, they may find fighting the next round against MS considerably more difficult than in the past. MS wont make those mistakes twice. They like to win. and they take this stuff a bit personally. They will ride out the storm this gen, and they will be coming back for blood.

In the meantime...I have a lot of xbox games to look forward to.

suckingeggs2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )


Im with you dude Microsoft are really trying Im personally excited for the new dashboard and gears of war remastered as Ive never played gears of war before.

We gamers are winning..

But from a business point of view which is what Sony,microsoft and even Nintendo (which is why less than 3 years they are releasing a new console) care about are sales.... And Microsoft are losing.

So third party partnerships you speak of will be harder for Microsoft due to a gap of over ten million less sales bro.


I hope there is a next xbox

After this generation who knows Microsoft lost alot of money this gen not only on Kinect but Price drops which Microsoft Did at a Just looking at this situation realistically bro

As a gamer I personally believe Microsoft have outdone themselves in turning around the disastrous reveal ..never thought I'd get a one but Im the proud owner of a white xb1 (Plus a ps4) ...

Gamers for the win..

uth112162d ago

Sales do affect end users in that the consoles that do best in sales get preferential treatment from developers.. The winner gets more games, content first, best versions of games, etc

I've had enough losing systems in my life to know the feeling of being on the outside looking in, seeing great games released on other systems, but not mine because it didn't sell well enough.

Neonridr2162d ago

At the end of the day, would you not get Black Ops 3 or Battlefront because the PS4 has an earlier Beta, or some extra timed DLC?

Sure it helps to be on the "winning" consoles side for a bit of extra preferential treatment, but the games will still come for Xbox. It's not like 3rd party studios are going to say, we are only releasing games for Sony from now on.

uth112162d ago

Xbox will get most of them for the time being since it's still #2. But I'm more responding to the idea in general that winning/losing in sales has no effect on the end user. It certainly does.

n4rc2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Not really.. Every game wants a marketing deal and its basically like advertising.. Top dollar wins the contract..

Ea doesn't really care if Sony or ms markets their games.. Whoever pays the most gets the deal..

Bf3 was on Sony, bf4 on Xbox etc..

Exclusive deals are a bit different as the fewer units sold will mean a high price for the rights..

Take tomb raider.. Popular game in a genre ms doesn't have a big presence and it fills the holiday gap while games like quantum break etc are finishing up..

Sony wanted a good fighting game to go against KI so they secured SF.. etc.. Always a reason beyond the popular console getting everything

MysticStrummer2162d ago

Does the title say "Why XB1 Gamers Are Losing Console War Against Sony"?

That's not what I see on my screen.

emilijo7772162d ago

i won't read your comment but you probably said something pro Xbox. Am I right?

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ZhukNasimPog2162d ago

Sales figures is a big deal to n4g. It fuels the war and keeps this site going.

Think back to 2006/7/8 there were gigantic console wars on n4g. We had both xbox and Ps fanboys creating multiple accounts to try and best each other. Non stop sales articles. Non stop trolling. Those where the days.

They need to bring back the casual and gamer zones.

Sonyslave32162d ago

Star wars Battlefront beta is coming to xbox one first and Divison and Rainbow 6 new game and xbox one is losing .

FlexLuger2162d ago

In sales terms of gamer satisfaction? Xbox is king right now. I say that as somebody that owns both. Had MY PS4 since launch and my XB1 since april. The Xbox has taken over my living room! lol

bmwfanatic2162d ago

Thats funny I have both and ps4 is king for me.

FlexLuger2162d ago


Thats great for you. Why do you feel the need to tell us though? You already know we prefer xbox and we dont really talk. Infact me and you have had less than civil conversations before... Im sure you are a nice guy deep down, but you sound a bit insecure. Nice name btw. I have a lovely 135M, even bought the LED steering wheel from the dealership for it...was a 30 minute fit. right there and then. Hoping to get an M4 in a few years. What you got?

medman2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

So let me get this straight...the ps4 is not only winning the sales battle, but also has more games available to play, both indie, 3rd party, and exclusive, with more games in development of all varieties to boot...and on top of all that, the ps4 has several exclusives rated higher than 90 on metacritic while the xbox one has precisely ZERO...and on top of that the ps4 has more games rated 80 or higher as well...but to you that means xbox is "king right now". LOL. Son, you make us laugh.

Zero1092162d ago

"Why Samsung Is Losing Phone War Against Apple"

See how dumb that sounds. So because Samsungs sales aren't around the same number as Apples, it's losing? No. Both offer features the other doesn't. Both offer games the other doesn't. Both offer controllers the other doesn't (lol). But really it's all about what you find enjoyment in. Which one have you and your friends (or by yourself lol) been playing together?

Competition is going to drive MS and Sony to create some amazing things and I personally can't wait until fall 2015 and beyond.

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