Brothers in Arms suffers another month of delay

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, the third entry in the series, has you reprise the heroic role of Sergeant Matt Baker, a soldier of the 101st Airborne Division, during Operation Market Garden in the late stages of World War II. Originally scheduled for Aug. 26, Gearbox confirmed that the game won't appear on store shelves until Sept. 23. A Ltd. Edition includes a SGT Matt Baker figurine with 13 accessories, a the first issue of the BiA comic Book (with bonus content) and a Poster Map of Operation Market Garden.

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sak5005810d ago

Hope it doesnt' turn out to be another haze

Tmac5810d ago

really, we know you meant to say Too Human.

pp5810d ago

Thanks ps3 for the delay

TheHater5810d ago

it might be the ps3 fault, or it might be the limitation of DVD on the Xbox 360. I guess we will never know

solidjun55810d ago (Edited 5810d ago )

...the board and/or developer meetings. It may or may not be true, but unless you bring substantial evidence your claim, stop spreading FUD and talking out your @$$.

ThatCanadianGuy5810d ago

It's amazing PP still has so many bubbles.

wonder how many accounts he has to bubble himself back up?

Mr PS35810d ago

Has no real good games to look forward to on his Xbox
So he gets upset and blames the PS3 when a pile of crap like this gets Delayed

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pp5810d ago

i might have been at the developers meeting so you stop talking out off your ASS

Ric Flair5810d ago

Look who's talking outa her Ass Now


solidjun55810d ago

...allow me to retort then. No, that comment was so funny and not true, that I won't even bother.

Mr PS35810d ago

Your Xbox might still be at the repair shop !!!!!!

Tmac5810d ago

I'm the developers laughed at you and used you as a stool, just like at N4G.

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dro5810d ago

ww2 games are old after cod5 im never playing another ww2 game again,and apart from that gears2/r2/killzone2/cod5/far cry/fallout 3...e.t.c are all shooters that will make brothers in arms look like haze if compared side by side.

matchgrade5810d ago (Edited 5810d ago )

You've clearly never played a Brothers in Arms game. You've probably never played a tactical shooter. And to be honest it's hard to tell if you've ever played a game that required thought.

skynidas5810d ago

Yeah Brothers In Arms is a different type of shooter, its more about tactics and you need to actually think to play the game, but I think that this game will suck

the_RED_SCARE5810d ago

What they said above me.

Complete different games. You are just another teenage, twitch gamer who can't sit tight long enough to play a shooter that takes brains.

rushbd5810d ago

This game was supposed to come out with COD3. and now COD5 is here but its still not released..yet people say sony are the king of delays.

Highwayman5810d ago

You realize that this title is a multiplat, right?

darkshiz5810d ago

He/She is saying everybody calls on Sony for long delays but look at this. It's over a year late and still delayed.