Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Retrospective

Continue Play's Peter Yankowski looks back at Gearbox's WW2 FPS.

"The third game in the original series – Hell’s Highway - was finally released in 2008. It’s that gap, I think, that sealed the series’ fate.

By the time of Hell’s Highway’s release, the industry had moved on. WWII shooters were officially yesterday’s news. In some ways, it’s ironic: how could Gearbox have known when they began development that WWII shooters’ popularity would tank? In a very literal sense, the series was a victim of future shock, the talk of the town while in development, but old news by the time of its release.

In reality, however, the Brothers in Arms games had a lot to offer – excellent squad-based combat that relied on real infantry tactics, and a compelling story about the impact of war on men’s lives. The latter is, I think, the series’ lasting contribution."

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