Review:Call of Duty 3 On PS2.

Welcome to your baptism of fire. Being thrown into battle straight off is standard issue in a war game and Call Of Duty 3 is no exception, letting you begin the campaign in the aptly titled 'Bloodiest Battle of the War'.

Bullets ricochet, limbs burst and grenades explode while the constant thundering of tanks and planes deafens you - to the point where it feels like your ears are being syringed by a heavy-handed, sweat-ridden whale of a matron. COD 3 pulls out all the stops to put you as close up to the action as possible, even allowing up to 24 players to experience full-on war in the online mode.

The only way to get any closer would be to trade your PS2 controller for a cheap firearm, and convince your mates to run around the woods in full military uniform while you try and pick them off one by one, limb by limb, life by life.

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MicroGamer5945d ago

they need to keep new games off the last gen systems and make people step up if they want to play.

BadTaste5945d ago

Wow the PS3 version looks hideous compared to the 360 version.

Juevani5945d ago

this is not the ps3 version u dumb f*ck its ps2 ps2 ps2 ps2 u see that??

bladerunner5945d ago

Unless you people own an hdtv you'r ps3,360 versions are going to look like crap also!

MicroGamer5945d ago

Before I got the VGA cable for my 360, there was still a noticeable difference over PS2 graphics on my regular TV.