Why can't D&D transition into the digital age?

Pen-and-paper D&D is a love-hate game but it’s transitions on to our desktops and gaming consoles have regularly fallen short of the mark.

This isn’t to say that there haven’t been good D&D games, Baldur’s Gate 2 is frequently touted as one of the best titles ever, but a lot of the games that have been considered successes have either branched away from what makes Pen-and-Paper D&D the game it is, by moving away from turn based combat, or it appeals to such a niche market that it’s not a successful game.

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MrsNesbitt1781d ago

I'm positive it will get its time, the game needs someone who loves it and had the facilities to give it justifiable development onto consoles :)

Maxor1781d ago

I have no idea what this guy is talking about. There are plenty of great D&D games. Can they replicate the true nature of the pen and paper version? Of course not. Not until DMs can generate digital worlds and events at the speed of thought.

Archmagel1781d ago

Agreed, but, it would also have to have a very flexible system instead of a rigid set of rules to get closer to the P&P fun. Example: My friends and I don't like the "spells per day" system, so we use a MP system. Being able yo customise many things (custom classes, features, and all that) would be amazing and much closer to PnP. The problem would be doing it on the technical scale.

Fridgecake1781d ago

Not 100% how this works as I only found out about it today but there is this program on steam you might like the look of.


Archmagel1781d ago

Eh, a friend and I tried it. The system was ok, but the maps and stuff just wasn't what we liked. We use Roll 20 atm. Our GM makes maps with RPG Maker and then we have our own pogs and all that good stuff. WOrks well for our Final Fantasy setting.

Fridgecake1781d ago

That's actually my point though. There are great games set within the D&D lore but in terms of actual D&D style game play they are lacking.

I appreciate that a sandbox type game would require DMs having the ability to generate huge worlds rapidly but i'd like to see more Temple of Elemental Evil type games that mimic the great D&D campaigns.

Archmagel1781d ago

Agreed. Have you tried the Circle of Eight or Keep of the Borderlands for it? I found those pretty fun.

Saryk1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Another problem with adding the P&P to a electronic game is this: In the real world you don't fight thousands of monsters with a four man group (low level). And monsters are hard to kill aka killing a Gelatinous cube with daggers.