Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review – Old and New (PSLS)

PSLS writes: Ever play that game The Incredible Machine back when you were a kid? The one where the goal was to build a somewhat complex machine out of individual parts that, when linked up, would make a chain-reaction that would complete a simple task? Well, I did, and I loved that game, partially because of the strategy that had to go into it, and partially because of the creativity that had to go into it. So, its not surprising that I found myself liking Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, a game where, like The Incredible Machine, players must put together individual objects to create a chain-reaction. Unlike The Incredible Machine, however, the chain-reaction didn’t result in a ball being moved or a candle going out, but instead, it ends with someone dying in some horrible, horrible way.

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knifefight1244d ago

I'm early in the Nightmare princess chain quest. Are there multiple endings and are they a bit more obvious to achieve than in the original?