Stories in Modern Military Shooters Need to be More Diverse

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PersonMan1210d ago

There's not much story in these shooter games in general. Go here, kill these guys, go here kill these guys. Now do a sniper mission. Now plant some explosives.

It's all the same stuff over and over. No creativity.

Haru1210d ago

Metal gear solid serie is known for amazing hollywood like stories

GameBoyColor1210d ago

Dont compare mgs to shooters.

Irishguy951210d ago

Don't compare MGS to hollywood

PockyKing1210d ago

I like what MOH: Warfighter attempted to do, but the writing just wasn't good enough. I think a lot of devs are really careful with tackling subjects that hit so close to home for so many people, but there's a lot of stories that deserve to be told and video games would be a fantastic way to do it.

I think the Brothers in Arms series has some of the best story telling in any FPS series that's not fantasy related.

Yi-Long1210d ago

The problem I have with BF3 & 4 story-mode, is that it never really felt anything like what Battlefield to me is all about: Freedom.

MP Battlefield gives you all the freedom in how you want to play the game. SP is just very very linear and scripted.

Far Cry 3 and 4 SP feel more like Battlefield, in terms of freedom in gameplay, than BF3 and BF4.

FallenAngel19841210d ago

Modern Warfare had a great narrative, but I admit I play through CoD campaigns for the bombastic adventure

Summons751210d ago

Yeah but litterally all the campaigns after that are basically the same. Change some names, change the location, change the era (but ever so slightly because modern/future are far more important) and that's it. It's bland to the core.

PhoenixUp1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

@ Summons

Yet all the plotlines of the mainline Super Mario games have remained roughly the same since 1985 and people don't see a problem with that.

PygmelionHunter1210d ago

Yeah, that's why I mostlt play the 3D Mario games. I mean, Classic Mario is fun every now and then, but the 3D Mario games really spice things up with each installment.

Though, at least Nintendo doesn't try to advertise the Classic Mario games as new, innovative experiences every time they release one. Activision thinks people will just keep drinking their cow's milk after lying about how the next game is gonna change everything...

PhoenixUp1210d ago

Call of Duty has had new features though. COD4 gave us a modern setting, World at War gave us Zombies, Black Ops 2 gave the series a Sci-Fi element, and Modern Warfare introduced mech suits to the series

Cy1210d ago

B-but then how will we be Oscar Mike to the next location when there's Danger Close?

PhoenixUp1210d ago

People don't play Super Mario platformers for extensive plots, so why expect certain FPS games to feature them

PockyKing1210d ago

It's not about expecting games like COD, or BF to have them. It's about other developers stepping in to create a more diverse modern FPS environment with stories that aren't just action filled Hollywood flicks.

Spotie1210d ago

But you're not gonna get much more than that out of a modern military shooter because that's about what happens in the modern military.

PhoenixUp1210d ago

I still see it as hypocritical. Its OK for a series like Mario and Zelda to recycle the same plotline, but not other games? As long as people are having fun, this really shouldn't be that big a problem.

wakeNbake1210d ago

Yeah theres only so many wars fictional America can get into, especially in COD its what now World War 6.

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