Neverwinter Guide for defeating Tiamat

Follow these easy steps to defeat Tiamat on Xbox One

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FlexLuger1186d ago

I think somebody needs to post this on XBL. A lot of rookies running around without a clue! lol

mikeboccher1185d ago

AGREED, happened3x last night causing us to fail before we won. Why we posted this. Thanks!

FlexLuger1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

hopefully this article spreads and people catch on that there is a method..and yes I hate it when they fight near the clerics too.

Xbonewone320151185d ago

Easily the best f2p game on console of 2015.

FlexLuger1185d ago

Yes. Really. ESO is good, but, there is something about neverwinter on a console that just works so well. ESO is good but longterm, I dont think it will hold a large and active playerbase longer than neverwinter. DCU is ok. Reminds me a lot of neverwinter actually.

But as it stands neverwinter is the best mmo on consoles, in 2015. Next year xbox owners will be going gaga over ion, the space MMO from the makers of day-z. Its an xbox/windows exclusive with crossplay. DCU, Day Z and planetside 2 are all coming to xbox as well and will more than likely support crossplay with windows 10. And of course there is elite:dangerous.

Xbox has some kick as MMOs coming. I hope they are all as successful as neverwinter has been on xbox one.

Xbonewone320151185d ago

Yes really, and the active player count of (i think 4 million) shows it is a huge success.

I much prefer neverwinter to say witcher 3. The gameplay is great.

Eterna1Ice1185d ago

Not with its terrible fps issues anyways.

Eterna1Ice1185d ago

Lol, don't even think about comparing Neverwinter to Eso.

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