TUG – Alpha Update 0.8.5

TUG offers a massive procedurally-generated world to explore, featuring 13 unique biomes
including complex cave systems and day/night cycles. The gameplay focuses on crafting,
exploration, pvp, and role-playing, with an emphasis on immersion and player freedom.

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Jacktrauma2155d ago

That doesn't look too shabby at all :D

Stevefantisy2155d ago

I got this game a year ago and it was not that great but this latest update looks a lot better.

JoeIsMad2155d ago

Procedurally generated games are great, but finding a way to get to places sucks. "It's next to the tree and the rock."

Stevefantisy2155d ago

I agree they are nice for the exploration but playing with others gets to be a pain unless they have a decent map and tracking system.