TUG Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "TUG, or The Untitled Game as its creators would have it known, is the latest game to follow in the footsteps of seminal sandbox game Minecraft. With a bespoke focus on player-driven creativity and content, TUG should be instantly welcoming to anybody who has built a home away from home in Mojang's magnum opus. Peer past TUG's familiar veneer however and it's clear that just like its heralded inspiration, the game has admirable designs for the future.

In its current state, TUG offers three different game types; Creative, Survival and the arena-based Proving Grounds mode. In addition to this trio of modes, there are a number of thematically different biomes for players to ply their creative craft in as well, ranging from desert and dense forest environments through to haunted woods and frigid, snow-capped expanses."

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