Planet Xbox 360: The Missing Games of E3 2008

After the conclusion of E3, Planet Xbox 360 couldn't help but notice a few missing games that they were dying to see. Whether they were missing due to their development cycle (Beyond Good & Evil 2) or the publisher skipping the show (Activision Blizzard), it was apparent that their presence was severely missed. Let's get this show on the road starting out with the game that everybody thought would be the star of E3 2008, but ended up missing the show altogether.

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Bombibomb5537d ago (Edited 5537d ago )

Alan Wait

Obama5537d ago

You beat me to it. Damn you XD.

himdeel5537d ago

...mentioned afterward all is forgiven. :)

pshizle5537d ago

kill wait2

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UltimaEnder5537d ago

I really wish we would have been able to see most of the games on this list; although there were plenty of quality titles there these 12 were some major ones absent from the show at all!

Monty_The_Great5537d ago

list really get out of control. ME was just released last year, same with Bio Shock. Why is it that these games need to be show cased every year, or every other year. Do you just want some crappy sequel? Or do you maybe want them to take some time and actually create a deserving sequel? Yes they could of shown Alan Wake and probably SC, but they didn't, get over it.

Douche5537d ago

A few of these titles are for the ps3 as well (brutal legend, duke nukem, just cause 2). How did this get approved already without being fixed?

UltimaEnder5537d ago (Edited 5537d ago )

It's not called "Xbox 360 Only Missing Games" it's in general, and both of those will be on the 360 as well so as long as they could be on the 360 they can make the list....you don't see Final Fantasy VII do you?

UltraMafia5537d ago

Was really let down there was no alan wake!

UltimaEnder5537d ago

Agreed, this was one of THE titles I wanted to see there, and NOTHING!

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Stephen King gifted Alan Wake's opening quote to Remedy for just $1

"I really, really, desperately wanted him to start it off."

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babadivad91d ago

The story borrowed HEAVILY from the King novel "The Dark Half" anyway. Figured there'd be some sort of lawsuit but seems King was in on and ok with it.

got_dam90d ago

King is well know to be really chill with this kind of thing. And with official adaptations. It's cool and shitty. We have had so many low quality movies.