Steve Berman Issues Statement Regarding $60 Million NCAA/EA Settlement

Plaintiffs' attorney, Steve Berman, of Seattle-based Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro issued a statement in regards to the approved $60 million settlement for student-athletes in a class-action lawsuit filed against the NCAA and Electronic Arts, Inc.

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ftwrthtx2335d ago

So some of these guys get a free education AND pocket money.

Wolfbiker2335d ago

And make TENS OF MILLIONS for their respective schools in jersey and ticket sales and receive none of that. Explain to me logically how that is OK.

Macdaddy712334d ago

Well what part of free ride do you Not understand??? They get free rides n your kid have to pay!!! That sounds very fair yeah?? If they get money no more free ride.... That ok pay all the sports in school n your cable bill will be $300 plus a month...think bout what it cost school before you back it

Bigpappy2334d ago

Don't downplay the risk involved in that sport and ignore that these schools and corporations are making millions on the backs of these children. If that is the case, then pay them the millions to play the sport and let them pay for their own education.

I will support some of the profits going to the school to help other less lucrative programs, but these players should also be able to market their talents and popularity to help their families and give them a foot up as most of them will not make it to the pros.

coolbeans2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

I'd suggest watch this and some recent sports documentaries that dive into this topic to get a clearer perspective as to why this is such a big deal for the players.

Sly-Lupin2335d ago

The whole point of those laws is to prevent student-athletes from profiting from their athletic activities in the first place. This may be a "win" for their rights as athletes, but it's a blow to the whole concept of college athletics.

Drithe2335d ago

When corporations and greedy school deans make billions, not millions, billions off of the old concept of college athletics, then the concept must change. Nothing personal. Just business.

SilentNegotiator2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

I don't think you realize how many student athletes go hungry and have to sell drugs to make a living (because it's quick and profitable, so it can still fit into their busy schedules). A free education isn't enough for some of the poor students that get scholarships. Schools don't need to pay them like pro-athletes, but they should be giving them some pocket money if they're going to keep them from making money off of endorsements.

coolbeans2334d ago

Perhaps the whole concept of college athletics we've established is a fundamentally flawed one that only benefits the people that already have the most financial benefits in modern society.

Maxor2329d ago

How is it flawed. Some kid that never threw a pass in the pros can get signed for nearly 100 million based on what he did in college. The student athletes are benefiting too, don't pretend that they're playing for peanuts because they're not.

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