Kickstarter Watch: Renoir

Elements of Braid, Limbo, The Swapper, and classic film noir all come together in Soulbound Games' Kickstarter project.

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_-EDMIX-_1287d ago

WOW, looks way, way too different, I'll tell you what it needs, it needs to be more like COD,Assassins Creed, Halo and a pinch of Madden..

Gamers don't want new, they want the same junk they complain about year after year, some sick love hate thing lol. /s

Love the art direction, concept and hope it plays true to the old school Noire films (I hope there is some fast talking guy!) Hope they brush up on their 1920-30's lingo!

Will back!

Side note....damn I want LA Noire 2 or NY Noire!!!

brando0081286d ago

Looks really interesting. I'm intrigued and definitely want to hear more about the game's progress