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Arkham Knight’s first slice of post-release single-player DLC is a crushing disappointment, diluting rather than enhancing its parent game.

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souljah452161d ago

Wow an hour. Red Hood dlc story pack is 5-7 mins long and Harleys dlc is like 10mins. Disgracefull dlc labelled as 'story' dlc. More like challege maps

linkenski2161d ago

This one does actually feel like a story pack because it has cutscenes and a little story... but it's just nothing substantial and since it's not episodic either it just feels kind of pointless.

TeamLeaptrade2161d ago

That's depressing. They aired some commercials for this DLC too didn't they? How much would this DLC cost if you didn't get the season pass?

But yeah, reminds me of the Harley Quinn DLC for Arkham City.

ContinuePlay2154d ago

IIRC, it's being released as standalone DLC as well at a price of $6.99/ £5.79. But yeah it's really not worth it. The story is paper thin (you have to save commissioner Gordon, and that's almost literally it - you just save him and that's all), Batgirl only has 4 gadgets, there are no puzzles. There's a few collectibles, like joker teeth and balloons which need popping, but they don't unlock anything interesting. And there are no new challenge maps either.

Hopefully the other 2 story DLCs will be more substantial; if they're of the same size and quality as this, then that Season Pass price really will be a slap in the face.