Best Stealth Games You’ve Probably Never Played

CGM Writes: Feeling furtive? We’ve been blessed with some stellar stealth games in recent years, both on PC and console, but what if you’ve already logged weeks of time with Metal Gear and Splinter Cell? After Dishonored and Deus Ex have been demystified? Of course you’ve already snuck around as a soft-footed archer type in Skyrim.

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JoeMcCallister2881d ago

Good list - Styx being free on PS+ and Invisible Inc. is great. Looking forward to Bithell's new one too but The Dark Mod sounds awesome and I definitely have not heard of it, good stuff!

robtion2880d ago

Styx is really good old school stealth. Shinobido 2 is fun for Tenchu fans who owmn a vita.

Relientk772880d ago

I'm excited to start playing Styx this weekend got on PS+