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Jon Ryan: Apart from it’s massive roster of Kaiju and an encyclopedia of monsters, Godzilla's poor graphics, uncomfortable controls, and overly repetitive missions make this one of the worst renditions of the King of the Kaiju since he fought Matthew Broderick in Madison Square Garden back in ‘97.

gangsta_red2880d ago

Ouch! I knew the graphics alone were going to be bad but it seems that wasn't all with this game.

Having to repeat the same campaign over to unlock more monsters is what I hated about the other Godzilla game (for Gamecube). Just have them all be unlocked, why can't they just have that?

TwoForce2879d ago

this game is for Godzilla fans.

FlexLuger2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )


A bad game is a bad game, whether you are a fan of a particular franchise or not. motorsport fans dont buy terrible racing games. Batman fans would not excuse a bad batman game, especially after rocksteady's excellent games. so why would any godzilla fan give a bad godzilla game a pass? dont you want a game that does the brand justice? Lets just call it what it is.This game is a dud.

Taken from the article:

"Keeping a combo going while on a rampage essentially boils down to using the same few attacks over and over again, and thanks to Godzilla’s slow speed and ponderous controls, it’s easy to miss a step or get stuck turning around and lose your combo."

Thats is lazy/bad game design. plain and simple. I know its a niche game, but surely a little effort could have gone into making the gameplay more interesting?

OhMyGandhi2879d ago

How is this game for Godzilla fans?
because it has an three dimensional radioactive iguana stomping around in a city?

How about we raise our standards a tad bit, and demand a more interesting experience. It doesn't seem, at least on paper, to be a game that would be hard to make.

Also, what's up with the city looking like something out of Ace Combat on PS2.

gangsta_red2879d ago

I agree, it is for Godzilla fans. But do Godzilla fans deserve a bad Godzilla game?

jcnba282879d ago

This is a terrible game for Godzilla fans.*

4Sh0w2879d ago

"Also, what's up with the city looking like something out of Ace Combat on PS2."

-lmfao, yeah as soon as I looked at the vid I thought "damm dat looks like ps2" arent everything but come on its 2015= this is a ugly game by todays standards.

No, I may not be a huge Godzilla fan, but I think the lore has alot of potential for great movies and I'd definitely love to play a good Godzilla game, this just is NOT it.

CuddlyREDRUM2879d ago

Godzilla fans like bad games only?

magiciandude2878d ago

"this game is for Godzilla fans."

And it's a below average game for Godzilla fans at that.

BlackWolf122878d ago

The term bad game is subjective.

Yes, it is.

Don't try to argue with me about it. What makes a game 'bad' is entirely that person's opinion. This is an inescapable fact.

Which is why I think all game critic reviews are steaming piles of poo, and I'd sooner beat my head against a wall repeatedly than use them to decide what I will or won't play.

Hellsvacancy2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I love pizza, I wouldn't buy/eat a mouldy one

Bobby Kotex2878d ago

That's about as logical as saying Aliens Colonial Marines is for Alien fans.

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solid_snake36562879d ago

Dang I had such high hopes for this game. I thought for sure it was going to be this year's AAA goty.

4Sh0w2879d ago

Really...I mean I haven't been following this game at all but based on past experience I would never expect a Godzilla game to come close to GOTY. lol, makes me laugh just saying it.

gangsta_red2879d ago


Obvious sarcasm my friend.

But seriously, they should really put some more time into an icon character like Godzilla.

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JMaine5182880d ago

I saw this coming a mile away. The game didn't look good to me at all.

TheRedButterfly2879d ago

Every time someone copy/pasted a link to listwar (or the list itself) the inevitable review(s) of 50% of those games were all I could think of.

I expect now they'll start omitting this from the copy/paste list.

Rimeskeem2880d ago

People knew this was coming but most don't care. They just wanna have a good time and if that's what this game gives then let them have it!

TwoForce2879d ago

I agree with you. If you are big fans of Godzilla, then you will love this game.

fanboysmackdown2878d ago

Is that like saying if you're a big fan of Superman you should run out and buy all his shitty games too? So what you're really saying is if you're a fan of shitty games you should buy this new Godzilla?

KingKevo2879d ago

That statement is so generic. You could say this about game or any other product ever. "It's bad, but those who will like it will like it."

It's like saying nothing at all, sorry.

JackStraw2879d ago

And it's also... accurate. I can go on Metacritic right now, and find some of the lowest ranked games with quite a cult following because... it's fun tot hose people.

Lamboomington2879d ago


Yes we all know that. There's no point in saying that at all. That's how it is with literally everything, ever.

4Sh0w2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Jack come on can literaly find crazies out there that eat sh*t, that doesnt mean it tastes good.

KingKevo, Lamboomington are right therez really no point in saying "somebody will like it", YES we know, the point is most people wont like a bad game.

That said if you will truly enjoy it because you're a super hardcore Godzilla fan then I sincerely hope you have fun bro...I sort of think the hardcore Godzilla fans would be the most dissapointed though.

gokuking2879d ago

That's unsurprising. This is solely for the Godzilla super fans.

Palitera2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Tell it to the praisers on the previous articles where this trash bin game was being shown.



For instance:
"I can honestly sat that I am not looking forward to this game"

2 agrees, 13 disagrees.
We know why. It is in the very title of the articles.

I'm glad it is being buried now. And then people wonder why companies go bankrupt. Why do they even spend resources doing these things?!

TwoForce2879d ago

Oh really ? Look back all those Godzilla games in past, they were good, but not the best. It's not like this game going to win GOTY or anything. It just the game is fun for Godzilla fans.

JackStraw2879d ago

Another clueless person with a know-it-all complex. Do you know how many of these "trash bin" games keep studios running? Lol. You must think every studio that exists is a AAA developer with revered games. Go away, pseudogamer.

stuna12879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

I said I was pumped for the game, and I still plan on getting the game. All be it when it drastically drops in price. To be honest I don't need a review site to tell me if I'm going to like a game, I can make up my own mind in that regard.