Let’s Rank the God of War Games from Worst to First

There have been quite a few God of War games let loose upon the unsuspecting mortals of earth. Let's rank them.

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Jaqen_Hghar1194d ago

This list is all kinds of effed up. Chains of Olympus is by far the worst and 1 has suffered from aging (though not as badly as CoO)

6. Chains of Olympus
5. Ghost of Sparta
4. 1
3. Ascension
2. 3
1. 2

morganfell1194d ago

Actually Ghost of Sparta was my favorite. It was the only one where Kratos wasn't out for his own personal revenge for something he brought on himself.

affrogamer1194d ago

LOL Ascension at #3? cmon bro

Jaqen_Hghar1194d ago

It's definitely better than the PSP ones. It has an epic final boss and the combat overall is very tight. It was weak on story and a man went back and forth but refinement is always more important than which title was most revolutionary.

vongruetz1194d ago

I agree with this list. God of War 2 is by far the best with GoW1 close behind. 3 was pretty, but it was essentially a really long, drawn out ending for 2.

Giru0171194d ago

100% agreed. It's not that it's bad, but after 2, it just fell short.
I would have liked to start (or be able to play) 3 with all the GOW2 power-ups from the start, being used for cool puzzles and such and maybe losing the abilities (for new ones) halfway through the game, not using the same formula again and again.

My GOW2 Kratos would have chased Hades into the underworld, not been thrown there for the (6th?) time. And the Zeus battle was overall underwhelming, since we already had that at the end of GOW2 in a much better fashion.

Ultr1194d ago

In my opinion Ghost of Sparta deserves at least to be nummer 3, right behind GoW2 and GoW3

Adexus1194d ago

Here's my list:

6. Chains of Olympus
5. Ghost of Sparta
4. GoW Ascension
3. GoW 1
2. GoW 2
1. GoW 3

GoW 1 had my favourite story of all of them, but I overall enjoyed GoW 3 the most.

Jaqen_Hghar1194d ago

A man can get behind this as long as CoO isn't ahead of Ascension. The hate for those games needs to be reversed. Just because it was a 3d game on PSP doesn't make it better. 2 and 3 are interchangeable but they really deserve to be on top. 1 and Ascension a man goes back and forth between. 1 had a better story but has some dated parts (climbing and balancing are pretty annoying especially in Hades)

Adexus1194d ago

Yeah the dated gameplay can be infuriating at times, I died so many times at the part with the wall of spinning blades.

mgszelda11194d ago

2 and 3 are really close imo. Each one brings a cool one of a kind experience and one stand out part about them. Love the over arcing story.

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The story is too old to be commented.