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Mehan Sullivan: God of War 3 was an impressive feat for its day, and it still impresses today in God of War 3 Remastered. Its beautiful graphics are prettier than ever, and a higher frame rate adds more fluidity to the action. The story will be confusing to newcomers, as it picks up right in the middle of the saga, but the exciting combat and epic set pieces hold up exceptionally well.

98xpresent3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

What a Waste of resources.

nX3263d ago

Well it might be a rather "lazy" remaster but it's still one of the most epic action games ever created and this version is a must-have for everyone who hasn't played it yet.
I got tge platinum on PS3 but I'd certainly play it again for the 1080p/60fps if my backlog wasn't so big already :S

WitWolfy3263d ago

I respect your opinion. But I'd rather see something like lets say.... The Getaway be remastered or even a remake than this...

guitarded773262d ago

I'd play it again, but not until I can play it for $20 or less. Hopefully it will be a PS+ game in the future.

Gazondaily3263d ago

Well for all you know, they just had a smaller dedicated team tackling the remaster whilst their real efforts weren't compromised on their next current gen project. We simply don't know how the resources were split.

Cernunnos3262d ago

Usually external companies handle remasters like this.

Bennibop3263d ago

Yeah not sure how you can claim its a waste of resource as we do not know how many people worked on the remaster. Naughty Dog mentioned themselves that working on the The Last of Us remaster helped them get to grips with the PS4 and I am sure this is the same for SSM as well as reintroduce God of War ready for the 4th instalment.

MasterCornholio3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Still doesn't stop them from making the next GOW game. At least GOW is still a good game.

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Irishguy953263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Not really...Hefty profit to be made for them

40 quid a pop for minor upgrades? How could any business man refuse that. Nintendo prove time and time again you can charge anything you want for simple updates and people will pay.

On the other hand http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.h...

XD. Perfect example of a company taking advantage of their consoles lack of Backwards Compatibility.

spacedelete3263d ago

these last gen remasters should be going straight free on PS Plus not taking up shelf space at full price at stores. its the least they could do considering they don't want to give us BC.

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Jayszen3263d ago

I wondered how long it would take before "Backwards compatibility" was uttered. I guess the Masterchief Collection and the Gears of War remasters are fine 'cause they are from what is clearly your console of choice.

How is Sony taking advantage? Most GOW 3 owners will play the game they already own on their PS3 unless they really want to play it on 1080p and 60fps in which case Sony has given them a choice to purchase it for the PS4. This new remastered version is really intended for those who have never played the series before, namely the millions of former Xbox owners who now own a PS4.

Irishguy953262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Fact is they're selling the game to Ps3 owners for much cheaper than Ps4 owners. What..should PC games be more expensive because they run at a higher resolution?

Sad to see anyone defend such shady practice.

Yes bsquwhere...I am Xbone fanboy, my constant disapproval of MS practices prove that right? XD

Thats exactly it Jayszen, the millions of owners who missed the game must pay a rediculous amount to experience a Ps3 game. You literally can get every single God of war fame for ~20 quid. Yet what...because its on Ps4 Gow3 is 40quid? Purely, purely taking advantage of the fact that you can't play Ps3 games on Ps4. Not only are they reselling the game, they are reselling it at an INSANE price

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Fro_xoxo3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Now you can see why Sony won't do backward compatibility..

Those who say they wouldn't use the feature would most likely repurchase GOW 'remastered'. .

Good for business, bad for the players.

PC, and WiiU got it. XO will too. It would be nice if PS4 had it.. I'd like to replay games like Heavenly Sword, Ni No Kuni etc..

DialgaMarine3263d ago

They can't do backwards compatibility because of an extreme difference in architecture. Do you know how much a machine that can play both x86 games AND Cell Processor based games would cost to make? The PS4 would have to be sold at $600+, and obviously people like you wouldn't buy that. Either way, you don't have to play this remaster. Why not just buy a new gen console to play new gen games? You want to play the old ones? Well, the last gen consoles are cheap as hell now, if you don't have one already.

Fro_xoxo3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Do you really believe the PS4 can't do software emulation?

XO is doing it without costing $600+.

Why not have access to both new-gen and last gen?

Yes I bought a new-gen console to play new stuff but there are older games I appreciate also.. They don' automatically become irrelevant upon release.

When I get PS4, does that mean I should skip titles like Bloodborne and the Order because they aren't new releases?

WitWolfy3263d ago

Do you remember when Cerny boasted on how easy the PS4 was so to develop on?? Pepperidge farm remembers...

343_Guilty_Spark3263d ago

That isn't the reason hey aren't doing emulation. The reason is they spent $380 million on Gaikai. Yes, even the all mighty Cell processor can be emulated. It would take some really good software engineers to get it to work but it is possible.

OB1Biker3263d ago

Well thats off topic. There are remasters too on XB1.
Besides I want to play a better version on the PS4 and Im not the only one who hasnt played it before

eferreira3263d ago

played the ps3 version at launch and I'm getting this one today. People complain here but they forget that they don't have to buy it. It's not forced on them either.

hulk_bash19873263d ago


Thank you, I've been saying this for the longest time. If you don't want to buy a game then dont, no one is forcing you to buy it.

Irishguy953262d ago

Nice one guys, you are the reason sony won't even do BC again. Cause they can make a rediculous profit like they will with Gow3

Phi395823262d ago

People replied to you concerning tech limitstions....while they may be right you are spot on. The profits for current gen have been 50 percent remastered. Even if they came out with any type of back catalog compatibility, it'd be junk games as anything that sold a million copies is getting "spit shined".

WellyUK3263d ago

ah yes, exactly what we need more old games to play on our NEW systems... Get a grip ffs.

DialgaMarine3263d ago

It's a remaster. Chances are people have already played it, but if they're new to PS, now they can. I'm just glad they did a simple remaster so that the majority of their efforts can be focused into the next God of War.

llMurcielagoll3263d ago

Hmmm.... The remaster scored less than the original game, the point which I am against is losing points for having "Weak story"

Reason being that, remasters normally do not change in remasters, significantly at least. IGN had already mentioned that God Of War 3 on PS3's "story is far from perfect" in which I don't understand why give it negative points on story, didn't know reviewers on IGN are expecting a story fix from a REMASATERED release.

Ipunchbabiesforfun3263d ago

Because logically if someone was looking for a review to a game they've never played, this tells them what they need to know.

andibandit3263d ago

I think it's just a case of, the cons of the original are still cons in the remaster. Maybe you're expecting the story merit to be exactly the same, but's it's not the same reviewer, so that could explain it.