God of War (PS4) Update 1.34 Punches Out

Sony Santa Monica has released the God of War update 1.34 along with a update to God of War 3 Remastered, though both for bug fixes.

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RpgSama39d ago

100% sure that's the reason, not only God of War 4 and God of War 3 got patches, but also PlayStation VR Worlds, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Everybody’s Golf VR and Marvel’s Spider-Man got them on the same day, as if they were updated in group.

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Nitrowolf239d ago

Considering they just announced that both god of war and gow 3 remastered are gonna be backwards supported and then an update drops for both of them I think this is likely

morganfell39d ago

And Ghost of Tsushima Legends launches tomorrow!

porkChop39d ago

Uh, wouldn't that be an update on the PS5 though, not the PS4?

excaliburps39d ago

Not really secret since Sony Santa Monica tweeted it, but yeah. :)

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Bebedora38d ago

Yeah, they are a cunning bunch of contributor of terror!

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TGGJustin39d ago

It's more than likely just patches to fix some issues they might have had running on PS5. I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything more than that.

Mithan39d ago

Agreed. If anything, cleans up bugs and enables them to release a follow up PS5 patch in the near future.

PePe_PL39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Well it still might add something like 4k unlocked framerate mode to God of War. Right now you can choose locked 4k 30fps and unlocked 1080p. Adding unlocked 4k is not a lot of work, this is realistic expectation.

Mithan39d ago

That is probably coming, but I would assume it will come when you install it on the PS5 itself.

Mithan39d ago

Maybe but I doubt it.

Mithan39d ago

@PePe_PL I think 4k/60 is easily doable and will be done, because it will be a showcase.

4k/variable? Maybe. Backwards compatibility is a thing now, and if they do it with the PS5 patch, it also makes it far easier for them to take advantage of it further down the road.

However, certain games break with VRR due to animations.

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nzjono39d ago

Whats the point at this stage though? We have already all played it and finished it over a year ago.

VerminSC39d ago

Post launch support is always a good thing man.

patriz42039d ago

Off topic...but gamepass is literally 98% old garbage..yet u have something to say about this?

PS-Gamer-198639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

This! GOW is one of the games of this gen yet people celebrate mediocre games coming to sales bin gamepass smh

Stanjara39d ago

Dude, new people are born every day.

I_am_Batman39d ago

You should've told Sony and MS before they spend all that money into the implementation of backwards compatibility. It's not like people would ever replay a good game.

Also all those remasters that have released over the years never sold a single unit. The publishers didn't notice, but nobody ever plays games that aren't brand new...

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Mr Logic39d ago

You think it's impossible for someone to be buying a PS5 and either not have played GOW or flat out not owned a PS4?

MrNinosan39d ago

God of War is one of those games you and everyone else in the world should play through at least once a year.
I have a few of those games now, and some has to be skipped to every second year.
Final Fantasy VII, Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden 1, Final Fantasy X, Last of Us, God of War are a few of those games that comes to mind.
Now I guess I have to add Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima to that roster.

JonTheGod38d ago

A friend of mine is currently playing through GOW for the first time. Not everyone plays games in the first month.

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RPGer39d ago

It's so funny, that other companies wanted us to pay "special" editions of their games to be able to play on PS5. While the update itself was just 96mb.