Fans Honor Satoru Iwata With Moving and Beautiful Artwork

With the sudden and tragic passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, the gaming industry is standing as one to pay homage to a giant that isn’t with us anymore, but video game professionals aren’t alone in this.

Million of fans joined the mourning, and many did so in a very creative way, with artwork that expressed grief, brings up sweet memories and fosters remembrance.

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KentBlake1191d ago

These made my eyes sweat a lot.

cleft51191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I didnt realize how sad I was until I saw these pictures and now the tears are flowing. Goodbye Iwata and thank you.

Agent_00_Revan1191d ago

Sun really got in my 9:50pm.....umm

LonDonE1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Strange, i feel a lump in my throat and cant swallow.
I may not have agreed with all his decisions but i have always respected the guy!

Where else do u see a multi millionaire ceo of a billion dollar company do the things iwata did?
The guy along with miyamoto is a legend!

I think in tribute to this legend Nintendo should create a batch of Iwata amibo and put it on sale, then donate all the proceeds to his widow and family!

That way he is immortalized in a sense.
I just cant imagine what will happen when miyamoto kicks the bucket. :(

My 9yr old daughter was in tears when i told her, he really connected to her as a kid.
With his charm, and humour and those funny nintendo directs.
Its a sad time in gaming, allot of kids today sadly dont know the magic of nintendo.

My kids love them and my family/brothers etc have allways introduced younger family members to gaming through nintendo and every one of us end up life long fans.
From generation to generation, father to son etc this way nintendo will allways live on.

Just sit a kid or adult down infront of a nintendo console, turn on and watch the magic light up in thier eyes! the near constant smile and happiness u feel is crazy! its why i will probably allways be a sucker for nintendo.

R.I.P Iwata san.

3-4-51190d ago

* I think this really hit home with a lot of gamers more so than some of us thought it would.

* Kind of puts everything into perspective a bit better when you start to realize what is really important.

* I'm hoping some good can come to Nintendo within all this sadness and loss.

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BrandanT1191d ago

The one with the crying Pikachu and Mario leaving the 1-up mushroom got me the most.

I'm really going to miss that guy. He was so interactive with his fans.

Sirk7x1191d ago

They're trying to give him health items to bring him back...saddest thing I've ever seen man.

pinkcrocodile751191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Yes, it's sad when you find out that someone you kinda didn't know or care about is dead, people will miss them and they will be sad. That good and healthy though the fan art, is a little disturbing for me but that's the age gap for you.

I remember being taugh about death when my mammy dispatched my favourite chicken... Her name was Sharon.

It would be nice if when your man Iwata died, that the whole of reality disolved around him and the a sign popped up saying "Level 2".

When the new alert popped up on my phone all I could think about was "Bummer dude" followed by "Well I'm not very good at necromancy".

Thought's go to his family but life goes on and I've got an Americano in the Tassimo... Life is good

Neixus1191d ago

I found the one where he's flying in the clouds the best.

I wish he could see these..

Elda1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Yeah that one was very touching!

AceofStaves1191d ago

Some of the art made the tears flow.
It's hard to believe he's gone. ;_;

Coachkeys1191d ago

He was always about the fans.

tinparron1191d ago

I didn't think I would cry, but I did and I am. So much right now

He was trying to help us enjoy life

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