Satoru Iwata’s dreams for Nintendo finally came true

Iwata has kept his promise from 2014. Though he’s not around to see it, his dream to transform Nintendo from a company that makes games into one that intertwines with its customers’ daily lives, making them happier, and, hopefully, healthier, has finally come true.

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diepdiep729d ago

It's rare to see these type of articles on Polygon. I'm glad they're continuing his "blue ocean" program. I started using a sleep-tracking app, so I'm also curious to see how Pokemon Sleep will be.

SkatterBrain729d ago

the Joy Con Drift intwined with my happiness and made me stop playing my switch and appreciate the real world and how beautiful nature is, Thanks Iwata San with the master Plan

Sirk7x729d ago

I leave this here:
The man was a brilliant programmer and gamer who loved what he did. He was working on the Switch and apologizing for the Wii U on his deathbed.